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December 2002 email Newsletter
Tears for Empowerment

Dear Friends,

We are standing in a portal time. We are between two eclipses, and between two realities. Do you feel the depth of connection to spirit that is possible, as well as the disconnection that is manifesting in the outer world?

As we approach the second eclipse, (a total eclipse of the sun) on December 4th, the power of our own masculine shadow side will be revealed to us. In this next week or so that which is not of true spiritual power will be brought up, so that we may 'choose again'. In particular watch for habits in the form of beliefs about vicitimhood, or about having to do things because no one else will. These are up for major change!

Below is an excerpt of a letter I wrote to Marianne Williamson, regarding women, tears, and empowerment.

"Lazarus was ill. Martha and Mary put forth a call for Jesus to come and heal him. Upon arriving Jesus found that rather than step into their own power and connect with the Holy Spirit to bring about healing for Lazarus, Martha and Mary had spent their energy to find Jesus and ask him to do it for them. The tears that Jesus shed were not for Lazarus, for Jesus knew he was not lost, but rather because his closest disciples, Martha and Mary, had not learned the most basic of lessons; that the Holy Spirit is available to everyone.

"In that moment, Jesus realized that they were not owning their own power to connect with God, through the Holy Sprit. This was the single most important aspect of his ministry &endash; that EVERYONE, regardless of gender, of social cast or race, has an innate connection with spiritual energies.

"In that one single moment, Jesus realized that Martha and Mary, had they taken upon themselves their rightful cloak of spiritual power, could have stood between heaven and earth, between God and man, allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to infill them and so draw through the body of Lazarus his rightful health. In doing this, the two women would have become symbols of the power and potential of God. What reality would have been created if these two women had stood with Jesus in such a manner?"

With the coming winter solstice (December 21) we choose again. Do you wait for another to manifest spirit into your life? Or do you step into the fire of the Holy Spirit, of God becoming You, and express that aspect of God which is your uniqueness to reveal as the face of God upon the earth?

The winter solstice will draw through each of us our own sacred male energies. When this happens (it will be an ongoing process through mid-Feb) whatever beliefs we have will shape how we access and utilize these energies. So, beliefs about not being good enough (or not having enough) will cause sacred masculine energies to turn at odd angles and create anger, even rage.

This emotional turmoil is actually our sacred energy attempting to find a clearer path through our bodies. Rage is an amazing bolt of energy that can clear out years and years of stored and blocked energies. By letting ourselves feel this power, in the form of emotion, we open our hearts to the infilling power of spirit.

By going all the way through an emotion, by "crying all the tears" as Marianne puts it, we allow the deep learning from spirit to enter and move through our hearts.

As we stand with an open heart, spirit moves fully through us. In the moment of witnessing any event with this openness of heart, we allow spirit/God to be present with that event. As we face anything, spirit moves through our hearts into the situation. God is always present, because we are present. As Hildegard wrote, "What great compassion allows divine presence in earthly mire, so that those angels ministering with God, might see God in the faces of humanity."

As we each open our hearts more fully we become those angels ministering with God, to the God in each other.

My love, empowerment and blessings to each one.

Norma Gentile (with both Atamira and Amano at my side)


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