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December 2001 email Newsletter

Hello to each of you,

The text of this newsletter is primarily from Atamira, with a piece from Amano at the end. I am in Chicago this weekend, (two healing concerts both around victimhood - Pearl Harbor Day on Friday (can we be compassionate when we are in the victim state?) and the Wounding of the Sacred Feminine Voice on Sunday. For details see my Itinerary Page on the website, There will also be a workshop and private healing sessions in Chicago.

After that I'll be home through Christmas. If you've been waiting to find time for a private session (in person or by phone) this might be a good time. Now to Atamira -


My greetings to all who read this,

The next few weeks will include some strong tides in the background energies of our planet. Within a week the influence of the solar eclipse begins to be felt by many people, primarily on an unconscious level. By becoming aware of the energies that are heightened, you have the opportunity to create in new and different ways. Do not assume that these ways will remain with you - some will, some won't. Much like learning a new trade, you will find some aspects more pleasing than others. Some skills you will choose to maintain others will simply be an exploration of self.

The first eclipse of December highlights the masculine energies. Please note here that these are sacred masculine energies, not the worldly masculine most of us know and experience daily. The sacred masculine never exerts itself on another. The sacred masculine oftentimes is experienced as closer to the worldly feminine, as it provides a tangible surround of power and movement to the physical body. It can be used to highlight the shopping frenzy, or can be used internally to clear old patterns. Emotions may run high, as those suppressing this energy become emotionally volatile.

These sacred masculine energies overlap with the sacred feminine energies on the winter solstice, making December 21-22 incredibly powerful days. That which is not of spirit will not stand the test of fire on December 22. Should you find yourself experiencing great tumult that weekend be aware that your own spirit is releasing that which no longer serves to support you. This releasing can be difficult, or easy and graceful, allowing space in your quietness for the strongest, most nurturing connections to surround you.

December is a month of change, of release, and of embracing the unknown new realities that we began in the midst of last July. As the month ends the incredibly gentle blessing of the sacred feminine exudes her blessing through each one of us. Just as spirit holds together the very particles of the atoms of our bodies, so too this space can be tuned or charged. As we move into and through the lunar eclipse of December 30 we are offered the opportunity to experience the sacred feminine within us, that aspect of the Goddess that is rightfully ours to bring into worldly manifestation, by allowing the space within our physicality to resonate with the energies of the eclipse. To do this merely be aware of the quality of each day. Watch and observe the sensations that seem to be carried in the air each morning. You own observations will serve you to understand more deeply how you are a part of the earth, and the heavens. Your incarnation was not by chance, and your conscious presence is the gift you bring to all creation.

May each receive blessings in the greatest abundance desired

From Amano:

For use during Winter Solstice meditations: I am present between heaven and earth. I stand as the vessel of all creation to pour into the earth. I am the means for spirit to know itself and express itself into the earth. I am.

Itinerary Winter 2002 includes Portland, Cleveland, New York City, Toronto.

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