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November email Newsletter
A New Clarity
The Empty Field of Not Knowing 


Dear Friends,

I wanted to be with the energies of the US election for a few days before writing this newsletter. When I awoke the morning after the election, the air in my room, in my home, and all around my town was crystal clear. A heaviness that had slowly grown and enveloped what I saw on a psychic level, was no longer in the forefront of my energetic awareness. It remains, but is now in the background. A clear light quality of energy has stepped forward. It fells like a fog has lifted, and the air is sparkling clean for the first time in a very long while.

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A New Clarity
Thoth and the Ascended Masters have said that when the Golden Mean (61.8%) of the US population reached a certain level of awareness of Unity Consciousness, then, and only then, would our elected President also reflect aspects of Unity Consciousness (another term for seeing through the heart).
The popular vote did not reach this level of support for Barack Obama and the change that he brings. But there are many whose souls are woven into the fabric of our country who did not or could not vote, such as the 12 million estimated immigrants who do not have legal status, and all those children under the voting age of 18. These souls and others shifted the balance of consciousness within the US.

From a psychic level, the election revealed a level of clear light that has been hidden until now. Clear light is not white light nor is it dark light. It is what happens when our level of consciousness goes beyond the polarity of the third dimension and the tendencies we have to judge things as good or bad.

When we see clear light, we are seeing the potential that is only visible from within our hearts. Looking through our hearts out into the world allows us to perceive what lies beyond our mind's polarity. This is a state of non-judgment, a state of neutrality, and a place that may initially feel like a void or empty space.

But this is not an empty space. It is merely a space devoid of judgment. Most people are so accustomed to listening to lower level guides that invite them to criticize all that surrounds them (and themselves). When those guides are released in favor of more loving and compassionate guides, we experience a sense of silence wit hin our bodies and our minds.

For those who may be experiencing this sensation, for a moment or for weeks or months, I share this article.

Are you feeling fatigued and clueless? You might be sitting in
The Empty Field of Not Knowing

I was talking with a client about stubbornness. Not the just the kind of stubbornness that makes us insist on doing things our own way. Rather, it is a stubbornness of releasing the need to mentally control our lives.

In my experience, American culture prides itself on thinking. But thinking often alienates us from our innate Spiritual guidance. Turning an issue over and over in your head merely spins your energies into a tangled web. "If this happens, then that will happen" becomes your mantra. You lose touch with the flow of life that is naturally occurring all around you.

As I was sharing this with a client, Archangel Michael and began to show me a picture in my mind's eye. It was of a vast field. When I sat in the center of the empty field, there was a pure line of sight where I could see the horizon in each direction. All was visible. Michael referred to this as 'the empty field of not knowing'.

As human beings, we are uncomfortable not knowing. We are all on an accelerated learning curve. One of the lessons is learning to be comfortable sitting in a space of openness, where the old is gone, but the new isn't yet in sight. We are sitting in "the empty field of not knowing."

When we sit in that empty field, we can actually see it all. We can see any motion, from any direction. The moment something starts to move in our life, we will see it. There is nothing of the old to block our view.

In contrast, when we sit in the densely populated forest of our mind, which says "I know it all, I have it all figured out," we can't see a thing of what life might be bringing us. Each tree represents an idea, an object or a habit that we continue to hang on to because we believe that we must keep it. And each thing, idea or habit blocks our view. Here we sit, our minds full of thoughts, each thought keeping us from hearing or seeing what our guides, angels or soul is trying to tell us.

For this reason, I find that thinking is highly over-rated! I certainly learned how to sit in the forest, but it no longer serves me.

Feeling that something must happen indicates you are sitting in the forest of your own ideas. When you feel clueless and experience thoughts such as "I don't know what is going to happen next," you are in the empty field. Archangel Michael suggests giving our minds permission to think along these lines might be useful to invoke our sense of humor and innate connection to Spirit.

So repeat as needed:

"I'm going to sit here and just know that I am as clueless as I feel, and it is all right to feel clueless. As long as I sit here in the empty field, I will be the first one to see what Spirit and my soul want to have happen."

There is nothing wrong with that sense of emptiness and not knowing. As children it was ingrained into us that we should have a plan. And a backup plan. And a backup plan for the backup plan. Spirit says throw those plans out! Get out of the forest of your plans! These are trees that are planted only in your head, and they are blocking your view. Get yourself out of the forest of planning everything, so that you can see what Spirit is sending your way.
I know that I still like to sit in the forest occasionally. Interestingly, the more we sit in the populated forest, the less our 7th chakra can be activated by our soul. The more time we spend in the open field, the more our soul can open and charge our 7th chakra. And we can more easily see what is on the horizon, both at an energetic and physical level.

When we are sitting in the forest of 'knowing it all' and 'having plans' Spirit cannot touch us easily. Our mind is listening to itself, rather than our soul. Thinking less and knowing more is part of what comes because we sit in the empty field of not knowing.

A deeper sense of knowing love happens in the empty field of not knowing. That is where you can have your new experience of love. As long as your brain is relishing the knowing, absorbed in its own circular thinking, your mind can't appreciate the more subtle possibilities of that emptiness brings us.

The empty field contains all the possibilities that lie before you in your life. And you can't sense these possibilities already being within you when you are admiring the trees in the forest. Be brave. Take a walk into the center of your empty field of now knowing, so that you may know your soul's next step.

My blessing to each one,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N O R M A' S    E V E N T S ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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