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mid-November 2003 Email Newsletter

An invitation to Freedom

This fall it seems that so much is transpiring. I have a second newsletter for you, regarding the energies we will be experiencing this coming weekend and next week.

I feel that eclipses have energetic windows of 15 days. 7 days beforehand, the day of the eclipse, and 7 days afterwards. The strongest days are often the opening and closing days, not necessarily the moment or day of the eclipse itself.

The eclipses of November 8 (total lunar) and November 23(total solar) overlap this coming weekend, on November 15th. This provides a potent, and opportunistic moment. My belief is that our ability to create the external world is radically heightened during this day.

Below is a brief essay, based on information from my guides. I have also included information on two gatherings planned specifically to take advantage of the energetic windows of the eclipses.

Please participate as you feel drawn to do so.
Two gatherings, specifically for the energies present this month:

Saturday, November 15, 2-5pm, my home near Ann Arbor, MI
(working with the Void energies of the day both eclipses overlap their power)

Saturday November 23, late afternoon at a country garden home near Toronto
(cleansing our bodies with the energies only available when the sun is darkened)

My blessings to each of you,
-Norma Gentile

from Norma Gentile (with assistance from Archangel Michael and the Hathor Atamira)

There are energies that emerge from the sun during a solar eclipse that aren't available at any other time. These energies literally pull other energies out of the earth. It is a process of cleansing. When we stand in alignment, that same cleansing process can occur to our bodies. We can allow that which no longer serves us to be pulled through us. The result being that the female body then has her own space. It is the equivalent of clearing out a house, moving old furniture out.

This gathering is to create a conscious portal for the solar eclipse and such a clearing. A gathering primarily, but not exclusively for women, dedicated to the cleansing of the shadow side of our own masculine natures.

As we gather we initiate and signal our readiness to release and allow the increasing flow of Nature and of Spirit energies into our hearts. The process is magnified in group toning, meditation, chant, and breath work.

The experience of whether this is time is one of being purged of old energies or simply releasing them is up to each individual. Sometimes we can't validate a change unless we have felt it at an intense physical level. If that is your process, honor it, and enjoy it! You may also consider shifting that very belief itself at this time.

How does this relate to women who are single? Or who aren't in an engaging portion of of their relationship cycle with their significant other?

When women allow this non-sacred portion of their masculine selves to be pulled out of them, then the men in their lives will have no way to engage them at that non-sacred level. The engagement is then transported into a sacred level.

When women stand clear in their energy, in what is their unique frequency with both divine feminine and sacred masculine in their bodies, they will draw men to them that respond to that frequency. As a women stands in her own divine and sacred natures, feminine and masculine, those same divine and sacred natures, masculine and feminine are drawn through her partner.

As larger and larger numbers of women stand with both sacred masculine and feminine as their birthright, sacred masculine and feminine essences that may not be a portion of men's personalities, then have greater impetus to enter into the physical male form.

Encircling the planet at the moment are the higher essences, soul-frequencies, vibrations, or soul parts of those that are incarnate primarily as men. As women shift, holding a higher sacred vibration of their own masculine, these higher soul aspects are literally sucked through and into men's bodies.

This sets up a new rise of kundalini, and a new availability to use kundalini and sexual partnerships to create the tangible, 3rd dimensional world. There are actually eight channels of kundalini available to the human body. Most feel or acknowledge two channels, and a primary or central channel. As the additional channels open, additional responsibilities and power are gifted to humanity.

This is how we re-establish our connection with Gaia. It is through the intimacy of divine sacred relationship that new energetic threads are woven into our shared tapestry of life.

How is sound useful for the eclipse?

Sound magnifies your intention. As you hum, tone or sing, sound brings the vibrations of the physical earth forward in your body. As these vibrations move forward in your body, sound is that which allows you to release with ease and integrity that which no longer serves you.

Sound creates the river on which these energies gently, gently, are purged and move forth into the reality in which they provide service for others. The energies which no longer serve you need to be released in that they serve others. Your service is to release them, allowing them to exist outside the framework of your beliefs around time or space, where their love may move more abundantly. In this way, each person provides healing for numerous others.

What about the time between the lunar and solar eclipses (Nov 9-23)?

The lunar eclipse and the MerKaBa or Star of David formation were overlapped but unrelated. Remember, time was your invention. They appeared at the same moment in your linear time. Not at the same moment in Universal time.

The lunar eclipse was indeed a closing of a cycle. The MerKaBa like a period at the close of a sentence.. Simply a statement, a remembrance to humanity of the consciousness from which life arose.

The solar eclipse is a beginning. The space between the two eclipses is a void. You are not attached to any reality in the time between. This is why you may choose to release that which you would never before have considered releasing. You may consider changing that which before would have seemed like dismembering your own body. But it's not. Love flows through this void. Truth allows you to move and flow with the energy of love, bringing forth the structure which is unique to each individual. Allowing this flow, you pre-see, for-know, experience-in-advance the sensation of the upper fourth dimension, the sensation of where you as a race are moving.

Freedom from belief structures often equals fear. Much fear may arise in the window between the eclipses. Freedom is in the space of this void. Dance and surf with the waves of love. You will arrive on the shore of your choosing. From the energetic waves of meditation and love-making you will weave and sculpt your new bodies, your new worlds.

Preparation to those who are attending the gathering, or wish to create a ceremony:

Bring with you, if you please, a token, a piece of paper, or something similar to place into a small fire. Let it be a symbol of some part of your structure, your non-sacred way of being. For example, a picture of how your body feels constricted, or a dollar bill as a token of releasing the non-sacred way of being with the financial world. Likewise, be aware that an object or symbol or word or event may come to you to denote a sacred way of being in that same situation. You may notice, for example, a beautiful dancer reveling in her bodies gracefulness, or perhaps a sacred manner of holding the flow of spirit as money. These are but examples.. I encourage each person to bring whatever token they feel best suits what they are releasing from within themselves.

These gatherings will be held:

Saturday, November 15, 2-5pm in my home in Ypsilanti, MI
Suggested Donation of $25-$40
Please call or email for directions:
734-330-3997 or


Saturday, November 23 from 3 or 4 to 6 or 7pm
at the country home of Andrea Mathieson
located 15 mins north of the 401, off of highway 400.
Suggested Donation of $55.
Please RSVP and receive directions ahead of time.
905-832-8245 or
Check her website:
to see pictures of her home and garden.



I will be in the following cities:

Toronto Nov 22-24 private sessions
Cleveland Nov 30-Dec1 (private sessions)
Detroit Dec 31 New Year's eve concert
Portland OR Jan 23-Feb 9 concert, workshop, private sessions
Ann Arbor Feb 14 concert
Santa Cruz, CA early March, concert, workshop, private sessions
Milwaukee, WI March 27th concert
Madison, WI April 2-4 workshop, private sessions

more TBA for complete Itinerary


If you would like to receive this monthly email directly please reply to Likewise, if you'd prefer not to receive this newsletter let us know that too.

Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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