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Novemberr 2009 email Newsletter
Healing from the Bottom Up
Meditations and Information from Nature
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Dear Friends,

I'll be in Tucson, Toronto and Guelph this month. See my Calendar page and let your friends know.

How does your body want to naturally connect more fully and completely with those energies from which it was born? By going down.

The new Meditation CD / mp3 (based on the phone meditation of Oct 25) is ready! Healing from the Bottom Up focuses on the role that the lower dimensions play in balancing, rejuvenating, and healing our bodies. Many know that the Nature Spirits and Intelligences of the 2nd dimension act to create and maintain our reality. The initial blueprint that they manifest into form comes from the Pure Energy of Nature in the 1st dimension. When we connect into the aspects of ourselves that exist in these lower dimensions, we connect into the blueprint for our physical body's DNA, and the design plan our soul has for this lifetime.

This was the subject of the last telephone meditation. The mp3 is now available for downloading from or on iTunes podcasts.The CD version will be ready to mail out next week. You can order it now, and read more about the meditation here. Donations are always welcome. The phone meditation and the mp3s are offered at no charge, the CDs at cost.


Here is one section of the meditation transcribed for you. (Thank you Lindsay!) The power of these words lies not just in the mental knowing, but in participating in the meditation, allowing your body to sink into the subtle eneriges of all of the dimensions from which we have come.

Healing from the bottom Up - Your Soul in the 2nd Dimension

I have spoken before about the Pure Energy of Nature. As I've delved into this topic in the last few years, it is becoming clearer to me that the Pure Energy of Nature is indeed the first-dimensional, primal energetic matrix underpinning our reality in this galaxy. More recently, I've come to recognize that each of us present has a drop of our essence within that Pure Energy of Nature. Each of us has ourselves already present within that Pure Energy of Nature. Therefore the Pure Energy of Nature is actually a reflection of the myriad of consciousness that exists within our reality.

You and I exist within the Pure Energy of Nature. The sun exists. The trees, the animals, the plants, the earth -- other stars, other beings, other consciousness. All are reflected within the Pure Energy of Nature. Therefore the Pure Energy of Nature is already what we see in form. It is simply the first-dimensional version of our 3-D form.

And just as each one of us has a bit of our own essence within that first dimension, we each have a bit of our essence within the second dimension. It's a long leap from that first dimension all the way up to our bodies here in 3-D. While there are Nature Spirits and Intelligences in the 2nd dimension, there are also what many see as Gnomes or Fairies. And in some manner each one of us, and the consciousness of each animal, plant, tree, rock, star or planet that manifests as form in the 3rd dimension, is also present.

On some level in some way, this multitude of 2nd dimensional consciousnesses are supporting you here in the 3rd dimension. They are also aware of that aspect of your consciousness living with their consciousness in the second dimension. Imagine looking psychically in upon your 2nd dimensional self interacting with the other consciousness and beings in the 2nd dimension. When you make a psychic connection, even momentarily with this 2nd dimension, you may notice a sensation almost of going to sleep or losing track of time. Your body may feel heavy in an odd way as well. This will pass when you return fully to your 3rd dimensional body.

Yes, aspects of our consciousness may appear as what some people would call a gnome or a fairy, but it is incredibly important to recognize that this is not who we are in the 3rd dimension. And when we drag that fairy or gnome consciousness up from the 2nd dimension, we're actually displacing who we are meant to be in the 3rd dimension.

This same thing happens with the upper dimensions. We believe that the guide or angel is better than us in some way and we invite and allow that guide or angel to channel through our body. Doing this constantly over time we begin to mistake the guide or angel of the upper dimensions for who we really are. As a result the guide or angel replaces a piece of our personality.

When this happens we feel ungrounded, as if we were floating through life. There are no particular emotional ups or downs. It is as if we are talking but not the one actually speaking, and as if we are touching people but not really being touched. When we allow another to use our body in this way, we are not really honoring our soul's journey. We are meant to be here, in the 3rd dimension, and to utilize the support system of spirit in the fourth and fifth dimensions to assist us but not to live our life for us.

Each of us is made up of many parts in the 3rd dimension. A personality, a body, emotions, and the parts of our soul incarnating, to name a few. This community of who each of us is in the 3rd dimension is reflected in the 2nd dimension. Within the 2nd dimension no doubt we are just as complex, containing many different parts of ourselves. There may be aspects of the community of who we are in the second dimension that are simply not available to understand with a 3rd dimensional mind.

That enormous, beautiful, larger soul into which each of us will return when we drop our bodies, exists not just in the upper dimensions but in all of the dimensions. As the portion of our soul legally incarnating chooses someday to exit our body, it returns not just to up above, but to all of the dimensions. And it leaves all the different dimensions with an impression of this lifetime.

For this reason all the healing that we do and all the changes we make in this 3rd dimensional life will impact and reflect into both the upper and lower dimensions of who we are.

Know that your legally incarnating soul comes not just from up above, but also from the lower dimensions of who you truly are. That essence, that drop of you in the Pure Energy of Nature decided to join in this vast creation of the universe that we know as our reality. This drop of you that said yes to trying something new. And those aspects of you within the second dimension support your physical body and all of your expression here into the third dimension.

How does your body want to naturally connect more fully and completely with those energies from which it was born? The Pure Energy of Nature, that aspect of you in the first dimension, and all the aspects of you in the second dimension are already in place to nourish and support you. How does your body want to reconnect and be a reflection not just of the upper aspects, but also of the lower aspects of who you are?

Meditating and opening to allow the fullness of your lower dimensional aspects to reconnect with you here in the 3rd dimension lets even more of the upper dimensions flow through your body. You can only pour so much water into a glass. But you can pour an unlimited amount of water through a tube. And so as you allow your body to plug in and open itself to the lower dimensions, you literally become a tube through which the upper dimensional energies flow down, and the lower dimensional energies flow up. You become the means through which Heaven speaks to Earth, and Earth replies to Heaven. The aspects of yourself in the upper and lower dimensions can communicate with each other through your 3rd dimensional body and your consciousness.

It would not make sense, would it, to create all these lovely dimensions, and then right smack dab in the middle of them all place a cinder block with no ability to communicate between the upper and lower dimensions? We do have free will, and we can become a cinder block if we so choose. But we can also choose to release ourselves into playing the role we're meant to play. That of a being capable of hearing both the upper as well as the lower dimensions.

Each dimension relies up the dimension next to it to relay messages. Because we exist within the 3rd dimension, we hear best those dimensions right next to us. The farther away we get, the more the message is apt to be a bit faint.

And so very gently, ask within yourself, "Where am I within that second dimension? Where am I within the first dimension? How does my body want to plug in, and receive these energies of who I am?

I hope this has been useful to each of you. My blessings to you all,


The last Phone Meditation is now available as a free mp3 download or as a Meditation CD ($9.99) (click here or under Meditation CDs.

My meditation CDs are primarily spoken word, often channeled with information, healing energies and meditations. My musical CDs are of myself singing while the guides (primarily the Hathor Atamira and Archangel Michael) lay healing energies into my voice. What you hear when you click on my home page is a spontaneous song that Atamira inspired from my newest album,Songs of Spirit.

Private Healing Sessions
(offered in person or by phone)

I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $185 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997.
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