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November 2005 Email Newsletter
Beginnings and Endings

Dear Friends,

What follows are two messages I received from Archangel Michael and the Melchizedek consciousness. Many of you know this group of beings as the Sacred Masculine or Father energy of our reality.

If yyou feel drawn to work with me to step more fully into the 'new you', I will be available in Toronto this coming Friday and perhaps Sunday Nov 18-20) for Healing Sessions. On Dec 2 I'm opening my home for a Candlelight Gathering of chant and meditation, and on Jan 15 will teach the new Energy of Voice technique class in Ann Arbor. Private Healings from my home in Michigan by phone or in person are available now.

These past few weeks have brought much change. Life has yielded to Death and now slowly back to a newly emerging Life. Cycles must close in order for new ones to open.

From the Melchizedek:
More than ever, your own right to choose and right to act as individuals is present in this time. You need not fight for this &endash; it is inherent in this area of space, in this free will zone.

Feel within yourself the spaciousness of freedom, and you will act accordingly. Let not anger nor fear nor jealousy constrict the angel of love which lies within you. Your heart is meant to feel all things; that is your right as humans here. Allow yourself to use the power of all emotions to dissolve the past and enjoy the present. Your psychic antennae include your emotions, as well as your mind and body.

from Archangel Michael:
Several weeks ago the focus was on death. What were passing away were those things that you can no longer use to benefit your soul's purpose and journey. Many people crossed over into this side of Spirit, completing their soul's journey by releasing their physical form. Many more moved from their homes, or quite their jobs, concluding cycles that lasted many years.

And now you step forward.

No doubt there is some cycle in your life that has closed within the past few weeks. As it has closed, the new cycle feels like a fresh breeze and sunshine upon your face. And yet sometimes after you take the first few steps into the new area of your life, you find old cords, like rubber bands, snapping you back.

As an energy healer and psychic, this channel writing can feel those cords. Should they be severed or cut, it is merely your own energy which continues to form them, hanging out of your body. They are no longer connected, but neither are they integrated. They are as clothes you no longer wear, but carry about.

Consider what those cords let you not let go of quite yet. Odd, but the most common rubber band is to someone that you have disliked, or a situation that was painful.

Turning and facing this sounds easy. It isn't. Allowing yourselves to feel the pain of betrayal, of loss of trust, or of the expression of conditional love challenges your core. However, allowing yourselves to feel the anger that arises when you acknowledge these experiences puts into motion the energy with which the cords are dissolved.

Feeling only the happy feelings suppresses other emotions. The energy of suppressed emotions goes into your body. Guides and Angels are here to do just that, guide you. They aren't here to handle your emotions for you. As humans, you have the unique ability to focus emotional energy with your minds. You can use that capacity only when you acknowledge that 'bad' emotions are part of your experience too.

From Norma:
Anger is the emotion I most commonly notice 'new agers' suppress. One little flash, and most of us learned to tuck it neatly away. But anger has the amazing property of clearing out the aura. One good flush through the body, really letting yourself feel, not think, but feel the anger, and your body will release all the energies related to that anger. Your muscles will love you for it!

But how to do that?


from Archangel Michael:
The rubber bands that often snap you back to where you were (just when you thought you had moved past something), are made up of energies that can be dissolved. These energies dissolve when you release judgment of them. When you cease to judge, you ca release anger, or any other emotion or energy.

The anger that is being spoken of is the kind that all humans experience. It is when someone inadvertently steps on your energetic toes. They didn't realize you were there. Rather than pointing out they are on your toes, you keep silent. They move and step on your entire foot. Bigger Ouch! Again, you say and do nothing. They knock you over.

Finally you realize you just might be angry, and act accordingly. If you have learned that anger is bad, you are apt to rationalize it (they didn't see me) or suppress it.

Moving forward in this cycle requires that the old cords created out of anger be released. It requires that conditional love become unconditional. How can anyone express unconditionally that which they have conditions around?

If you have conditions around anger (I will not get anger) than you have conditions around love (I will only feel love if…)

Anytime you have a condition around any emotion, you place a version of that same condition around the emotion of love.

In these past few months you as a planet revealed many falsehoods about yourselves, your politics, and your power systems. What clarity has been won by this?

Letting yourself express true anger means saying 'ouch' when you feel that first pressure on your toe. It may even mean speaking up when you suspect a nearby foot.


From the Melchizedek:

This is again the point in the creative cycle where your choice, as humanity, is honored. Choose what is in your heart. Choose joy, and choose the fullness of Spirit that lies within each of You.

With great love and respect for All in form,
-The Melchizedek

November 12, 2005,
through Norma Gentile

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