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November 2003 Email Newsletter

Love and Remembrance


Dear Friends.

A few quick notes, and then onto an article about the two eclipses and subsequent energies in November.

1. A Gathering, in my home Saturday, Nov 15 to chant, meditate, and bring some channeled information forward. The energies of both eclipses overlap on this day.

2. A gathering for the solar eclilpse near Toronto, Nov 23, late afternoon


One aspect of our human nature enjoys being cared for by others. Demonstrations of love from another person are ways of reminding us of the love that binds and connects the living matrix in which our bodies and Gaia, clothed as our Earth, exist.

As Hildegard equates the "fire of love" as being the fire from which "our bodies are born, and from which you begot your Son.." This is a sacred fire, one which is shared throughout creation.

It is a part of our nature as humans to receive and share this same love.

We, as humans, live as a part of receiving God's love. When we listen, when we sit quietly, we allow God's spirit to reach into us.

With all of the ceremonies and events planned for November 8th, I would invite each person to spend at least a third of their time in simple contemplation and silence. If you plan on attending an event of 3 hours, plan to look inward yourself for an hour.

November 8th isn't about outward demonstrations, it is about remembrance. Much less spoken of, but a portal of greater breadth which will span years into our future, begins with the solar eclipse on November 22-23-23. This impact won't even begin to be felt until mid-January 2003, its energies are so vast.

This is a bit of universal magic; keeping humanity's chattering minds fixed on the November 8 energies, while the true magic, the magic of the Heart and Nature, is safely undergoing transformation. This transformation is from within the core of the sun. The solar eclipse of November 22-23 is a part of releasing the new light of the Sacred Masculine Heart.

The lunar eclipse of November 8th brings forth those shadow elements of the feminine which we are in the process of clearing. Those beliefs that block communion with others who are different from ourselves is one example. Chiron (a large asteroid, considered by many as a planet in our solar system) joins with 5 other celestial bodies to form a 6-pointed Star of David. This is also a representation of the MerKaBa, the part of our energy field which carries our divine consciousness.

Now think for a moment on this. Is either the Star of David or the MerKaBa something that is simply given to you? Do they have value if you simply look at them? No, their value is in using them as symbols and tools to meet and actively engage with spirit.

The planetary alignment is about opportunity. The Star of David is a symbol, a reminder of the consciousness from which we all emanate. That consciousness is represented outside of ourselves as the MerKaBa which surrounds us. November 8th is a time of remembrance. The lunar cycle of an eclipsed full moon is the shadowing of the Divine Feminine. Nature is this Divine Feminine, which united with the Sacred Masculine (Holy Spirit) to bring forth all form. As the Star of David is in the sky around us, it brings the new consciousness, dawn, to our awareness. This is not so much a moment of change as a moment of reassurance - the Star of David, our new consciousness of unity, of Christ, is "alight in the dawn".

The releasing of dark energies (both those trapped into the earth plane during the fall of Atlantis 13,000 years ago, and those we created as addiction guides) is continuing. This work was essential to allow those in form access to their creative energy channels, or kundalini. As the channels of kundalini are no longer home to these other energies, each physical body has a deeper ability to create according to his or her energetic consciousness.

Now the issue is to learn to create as individuals as well as a unified whole. Here is the next step: to create according to your personal heart's desire and your physical body's will, while connected and listening to the whole of creation. A few years ago this would have seemed ridiculous! There were those convinced of the necessity of creating as a whole, to create unity. Others ran the opposite direction to create as individuals, abhorring inclusion.

The decision to include all consciousness in the ascension process has shifted this physical mirror. As we move together, there is greater tolerance, even a desire, to include both individual creation and unity creation into a single pot. The results are extended periods of chaos in the formation process of anything, but with a result that includes both the stability of including the unifying factors, and at least one odd or unique quality that shows the individual nature of the result item.

A personal note:

One such area I notice this in is events planning. The more mainstream an event, the less likely it is to draw the same number of people it was drawing just a few years ago. The more unusual an event is, the fewer the number of people drawn to it.

There is a balance between unique and unifying that most are seeking in their lives. This will continue for many years, as it is the new dance and new dance partners we have chosen coming together. It may take awhile to learn the steps, and not inadvertently stub a toe or scrap a heel or even trip over another's foot.

I leave you with this poetry, drawn from one of Hildegard's chants. This poem, and many of her texts and songs are available freely at my website. The translations are my own, from Hildegard's original Latin.

O eternal Lord,

it is pleasing to you

to burn in that same fire of love,

like that from which our bodies are born,

and from which you begot your Son

in the first dawn before all of Creation.


-Norma Gentile



I will be in the following cities:

Toronto Nov 23-24 private sessions
Cleveland Nov 30-Dec1 (private sessions)
Detroit Dec 31 New Year's eve concert
Portland OR Jan 23-Feb 9 concert, workshop, private sessions
Ann Arbor Feb 14 concert
Santa Cruz, CA early March, concert, workshop, private sessions
Milwaukee, WI March 27th concert
Madison, WI April 2-4 workshop, private sessions

more TBA for complete Itinerary


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