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November 2002 email Newsletter

(it is time to speak)


What wants to be spoken through my heart? If I do not speak that which spirit has given me to know, to share and to speak, who will? There, as I speak, lies my empowerment.

Violence is giving one's power to another. In the illusion that we need to 'get it back, we resort to violence. Why did we give it away in the first place? Or did we?

Believing that another has the power to harm us is believing that God would chose one over another. God never chooses this; it is we who chose it. It is the illusion of competition, rather than the knowing of complementation, that lets us treat another as we sometimes do.

As we compete with another person, we are in reality competing with ourselves. Perhaps that part of ourselves that we feel is wrong, or not good enough. We cannot accept in another that which we cannot accept or forgive in ourselves. So what we despise in another reflects into our own soul, and shows us that which we do not value in ourselves.

The other day while driving I was passed by another car which then cut in front of me with barely a few inches between us. What did they gain? About 6 feet. What did they lose? That for which they had no value in themselves.

Arbitrary acts, both of kindness and of rudeness, arise from our connection or disconnection with spirit, and hence with each other. As I have experienced the world in the past weeks, I am aware that much is shifting, particularly around the male and female poles.

What my guide Atamira was saying to me last year is finally evident &endash; the women of the Middle East are gathering together and creating change. Perhaps you saw the photo in the paper of the gathering of predominantly women in Iraq, protesting because their sons, husbands, and brothers were nowhere to be found after the general amnesty that released many political prisoners from the Iraqi jails.

Here was the anguish of many, facing the soldiers who fired into the air to warn them to disperse. But they did not, and neither did the soldiers advance on them.

In small ways we will continue to see the heart of women, particularly those living in the Middle East, become open with compassion, and yet wielding a sacred power that the worldly masculine dare not trample upon.

Here in the US the hearts of both men and women are called into empowerment. When we speak our truth we are empowered. No other person does that for us. We can witness and create the silent, pregnant space for another to speak within, but we cannot speak for another.

It is with great joy that I invite each of you to speak, to move, to write, to express yourself in a manner that allows your heart to open and feel the impact that you yourself can have in the world. Become one of the first to dare to express your dream.

If you would choose to join me in this expression through the Sound Healing workshops in Toronto or Ann Arbor, or through a private session, please do so.

Many blessing to you all,

-Norma (with Atamira)


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