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October 2nd 2007 Email Newsletter
Changing Yourself (when you don't want to)
Waves on the Beach
posted October 7, 2007 by Norma Gentile

Hi Everyone-

Sometimes I can just feel an impending message from Spirit. It's like knowing the phone is about to ring, or knowing that someone is coming by for a visit. They may not have said so, but you know they are coming. The message that came through this morning is below, and here is a listing of suddenly manifesting events for this month.


Oct 25 TALK / probably channeling - Embracing Success and Healthy Wealth in Ann Arbor, MI



And please do me the favor of letting me know if you are considering coming to either of the two Sound Shamanism Weekend Intensives right away.

Nov 2-4 RETREAT in a private B&B, near Richmond-Charlottesville, Virginia in the mountains. Amazing land energy, 20 acres and a private lake nestled in the mountains, catered live food meals. leaves us free to address new and deeper techniques of healing.

Dec 7-9 Orlando Florida Sunshine and Florida in December - crisp energies, easy flow.

(Remainder of events listed at Itinerary Page

Waves upon the Beach{ Changing yourself when you don't feel like it

From Atamira, Norma's Hathor guide;

While I more commonly sing with Norma, there is a piece of information that is best relayed through the printed word today. That of Attraction and Transmuting.

Consider this simple metaphor:

You are on a beach. The beach is your life. The waves are cresting, then rolling into the shore. The waves are the action upon your life from cosmic and external factors. You get up and go for a swim. You are now engaging those external and cosmic factors.

As you have been lying on the beach, you have not been deaf to the sound of the waves beating upon the sandy shore. You have heard, and yes even sometimes felt the land move with some fo the larger waves that have broken upon the beach. But you were sunning, far enough up on the beach that you were not able to feel the spray from the waves. And the sun was warm, and there was no distraction that you deemed important enough to open your eyes and disturb your sonabulance.

Now, we beseech you, as I speak not just of myself but for all Hathors and many other races of consciousness elsewhere. Roll over, Wake Up!

The cosmic waves are upon your beach. While we still enfold you in our arms, and you feel our protection as your warm and loving sun, it is time to awaken, humanity. Your sleep has come to an end. Your engagement with us, with all of us is called for, and welcomed.

This autumn you are being gently and not so gently awakened from your sunning stupor. Some of you truly are awaking. Others are resisting, and remain asleep yet. Resisting change is a sign of soul sleepiness. Denying assistance offered by others to help you change is choosing to remain asleep. Little things and big things in your life tell you how far you have lifted your head off of the lounge chair.

Waves beating upon the sandy beach continue. Right now you feel the pulsations of their inbound and outward movements strongly in your life cycles. As the energy waves move forward towards the shore you feel an excitement and anticipation in your life. A few days later, as the wave recedes and draws back, you feel defeated and deflated. Once again you are going nowhere.

Be mindful that these are merely perceptions of much larger cyclical energies. The human mind, limited into 3 dimensions (with a little help from us and others on this side, perhaps peeking into the 4th dimension) will always translate spiritual energies into its own 3rd dimensional language. This language is limited to your experience in this lifetime. As your life contains violence, you will perceive the drawing back of the energy wave as an increase in violence. As your life contains regrets, the time of the wave receding will increase your experience of regrets. As you believe in yourself, you will find the time of the waves moving forward exilerating. As you understand your capabilities and desire to more deeply understand yourself, you will find new areas of tender emotions and self-doubt revealed by the waves withdrawal from the shore. What is revealed to you in these times is revealed so that you might see and love even these less than admirable parts of who you are.

Learn to feel the waves forward motion and gentle pulling away from the shore. Both motions are meant to assist you in gleaning further insights to yourself and relating in a fuller, more complete way to All That Is. Your I AM meets THAT I AM upon this beach. The waves are merely motions that reveal portions of yourself no longer needed by I AM within you. Let the receding waves reveal the weaknesses, the vulnerabilities, and all that you feel is not worthy of you.

On a beach the beautiful pebbles at the water's edge have so many colors. Some even glint when the loving sun shines upon them as the waves pull back, revealing them underneath the frothy wave foam. Have you noticed how it is only then, when the wave recedes, that you can see clearly all those pebbles?

Do not fear those times of receding energies. Know that this is merely the ebb and flow of Spirit into your world, interacting with your natural process of realization and awakening. As you turn back into the cosmic stream of connection with Unity Consciousness (our consciousness, and that of All That Is) you can now feel those moments of withdrawal that occur. In these moments you are moving back into the disconnection that has been the norm for so many millennia.

Those who are awake feel this disconnection strongly within their beings, their bodies, and dislike strongly the sensation of returning to the old state of disconnection. Those yet asleep are content with the receding waves, and do not feel this same loss. These days of receding waves are therefore experienced in profoundly different manners. Those resisting change and desiring to remain asleep welcome the heaviness and visual darkness of the receding connection to Spirit, and fear the next incoming wave, rushing onto the shore.

Now, our message to you is simple:

Do what you can and know to do when the waves are moving forward. When you feel the wave receding and the old patterns returning, do not give into the depression, sublimation of your own knowing, and especially do not give up on your own inner journey. When all around you seems stagnant, malformed, and unloveable, turn to love yourself. All those beautiful pebbles within you are being revealed in these times, as well as some pebbles that you need to see and change. What you see externally is who you were. What you feel externally as depression and violence and stagnation expose those pebbles within you of depression, violence and stagnation. Here is your opportunity. See what you are ready to change. Give it attention, so that it can change with the next incoming wave.

As a wave recedes, it draws power underneath itself. Flowing backward and down, underneath the incoming wave, the water of the previous wave seems to withdraw itself. Yet he motion of the receding water helps to fuel the forward motion of subsequent waves to break upon the shoreline. In this metaphor, without the withdrawal of a wave, there could be no future wave.

Remember, the wave is the action of Spirit. The beach is your manifestation in your life. Awake, see the beauty that the receding waves brings. See the beauty of all of your pebbles. These are aspects of yourself lying in wait to change. They cannot be seen in the turbulence of a wave breaking upon the shore. Your pebbles can only be seen when the wave pulls back. Weaknesses of addiction, lying and betrayal are among the pebbles being revealed now. See them as the wave withdraws, and look closely. Here is your time for honest assessment. Shorter and shorter these times will become. Know that we hold you within our embrace, and within our heart spaces.

Atamira, and the Hathors

through Norma Gentile

10 /7/07


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