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mid-October 2006 Email Newsletter
Listening to Grandfather


Dear Friends,

As I write to you today, I'm aware of a larger pattern that many are experiencing. From my conversations with my own clients to other practitioners, we are all noticing that spirit is not speaking as directly to us as we have felt in the past.

My sense is that we are in the midst of a galactic download into our solar system. It is as if our mutually agreed upon operating system (our shared reality) is being upgraded. But just like with a computer, in order to upgrade a piece of software, one must first download it.

As I understand it, there is a place defined by astrology as Galactic Center. It is postulated to be a black hole, surrounded by a number of newly birthed stars, lying in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In esoteric terms it is the Father of our Father and the Sun of our Sun. Within it lies the residence of our Grandfather, who holds the incoming and not yet understood wisdom of the Sacred Masculine. Sometimes there is a direct alignment between the Galactic Center and planets of our solar system. This allows wisdom to pass easily from Grandfather to our sun and into our awareness. Pluto brought us this connection earlier in 2006, and will again in 2007. Jupiter, in its role as The King, will provide the means of our hearing Grandfather's voices during the Christmas season of December 2007. On the Winter Solstice of 20012 (the infamous 2012 date of the Mayan calendar) our own solar sun will be in alignment with the Galactic Center. On that date, our Grandfather stands with our Father. We will receive the Sacred Masculine that the rest of creation knows already intimately.

Years ago Thoth said that the key to our planet's survival lay at the base of the tailbone of the male physical body. "Therein is hidden the secret key which unlocks consciousness. When your [humanity's] consciousness is unlocked, then and only then may you see us with your eyes."

In order for humanity to 'see' beyond the third dimension, we must unlock what has been hidden within men's bodies. That means inviting men into the ongoing process of awakening.

In order for men to feel welcome their quality of masculine must be given a seat at the table. It is the feminine that creates this space for men, and the Sacred Masculine that they carry, to sit with us all at the table.

I'm going to step aside, and let Thoth explain what he and Shesat are seeing:


The current energies are downloading a new program, a new way of operating into the core of each cell of your body. This is occurring in the core of the cell of each being upon your planet, each consciousness of any type in your world. Every stone, tree, plant, sacred building or object built or cared for in a sacred manner is receiving this information. By early to mid-Feb of 2007 this information will have been unpacked, and will be operational in your world. In fact, your world will be a new world as a result of the work of this new program.

The channel referred to is as operating software, and yes, we would agree. It thoroughly re-writes the patterns of your brain function.

Up until now, you in the western world have thought with your mind. Your physical brain must now create new pathways as a result of this new 'operating software'. As a result you will be sensing and engaging more with the lower charkas &endash; particularly with the body center.

Thinking only with the mind has caused much damage into your reality. The mind, unfettered by the body and heart, creates violence unknowingly. The mind sees only the straight line, the heart only the circle, and body only the present. Combine all three, and you see the creative spiral, and know your place within that spiral. It is this same spiral which leads to the upper dimensions, or upper levels of spiritual awareness.

At this very moment the upper dimensions are pouring into your reality. They have joined with the elements that you would perceive as beings of the second dimension. Rather than attempt to download the program from the upper dimensions, it has been refined and sent to you through the loving support of those of the second dimension from which your forms first sprang. The uploading then, to be more accurate, is what you are experiencing now.

Every cell, every tree, plant, grass, piece of lovingly made furniture or jewelry or natural stone or building designed or built with sacredness are LISTENING to this new song. The song is being sung by the elements that created your world at its very beginning. The song was designed and written by us, the Ascended Masters, and the Melchizedek, and many other conscious beings who agree to surround and support your evolution.

Allow yourselves to receive this information. This is not as other spiritual communications have been. This one comes from the inside out. It comes first into the core of each cell, into the space between the atoms. Here is where the waveform frequency of your universe is being re-patterned. Allow it to happen, and let yourselves listen on the inside to the new song, the new frequency.

You will be in the process of receiving this new frequency until just past the end of your calendar year. Then there will be several weeks, perhaps longer of adjustment. By mid-February you should be ready to come out and play with your new mind-bodies.

The result? We anticipate that a re-wiring will begin to occur within the physical male and female bodies, making it more difficult to make decisions and think using the physical brain alone. As a result, decision making will be impossible unless you access the new pathways into your body center."


Just me writing now::

The energetic programming which is downloading now, as I understand it, makes it more difficult for us to arbitrarily make decisions and plans from our mental capacities. At the same time it opens pathways between our mind and body, so that the perceptions and intuitions that come to us through our body center (slightly below the navel chakra, well above the 2nd chakra) can now be heard by our brain. It will take awhile, at least many months, for us to create not just a smooth flow in the pathways from our navel and body center to our brains, but also for our minds to understand what is being said.

The body center speaks a different language. It speaks in kinesthetic sensations of hot, cold, pressure, gut comfort and discomfort. The body center never lies. However, our brain can misinterpret what it is conveying to us. The brain speaks in words and sentences. The translator is going to have to be patient to learn how to build bridges to that the body center and brain can speak to each other, and be understood and accepted.

One of my gifts is to see how others connect to spirit. I can't do what others do with their wiring, but I can step back and see how they are doing it. Like when one is sitting at the easel painting, it appears to be just a random collection of swirls and colors. Stepping back the observer sees how the swirls are connected, and can offer advice to the artist, who is addressing the details.

If this resonates with you, I am always glad to work individually in person or by phone. This coming month I'm offering two classes particularly for healers and performing artists in NEW YORK &endash; Nov 3-4 and ANN ARBOR Nov 18. Other events in Canada, Atlanta, Oregon and Ohio are listed below.

As always, I welcome your feedback, and hope to see you at an event someplace, sometime alone our shared pathway.

Blessings to all who read this,



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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
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