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October 2007 Email Newsletter
Considerations on Addressing Violence
posted September 21, 2007 by Norma Gentile

Dear Friends

We are almost clear of the influence of a number of astrological events, which have been magnifying and exposing non-sacred actions, particularly those actions and activities associated with the profane masculine of our world.

The equinox (Sunday, Sept 23) is one of the last of this past month's mountains that we will have ascended and descended.

Perhaps it is just me, or just Michigan (where I'm living) or just those that I run into, but I feel as if I'm working hard, going against the wind, and climbing up one side of a mountain for part of the day, and within a few minutes time, happily sliding down the other side of the mountain. Then, without rest, another mountain presents itself to me. My own mood goes from 'woe is me, nothing is working' to 'I can't loose, this is this is so much fun!' and then I'm back to 'woe is me, I hate mountain climbing!'

I've been around energies and been around the earth plane long enough to know that mood swings this dramatic mean my antennae are picking up larger cultural, world and maybe even cosmic energy waves that are passing through my body. My moods are how my body/mind is interpreting these energies.

So last night I asked one of my guides, what is going on? Archangel Michael gave me this answer:

The issue of how to meet violence is before us, in small and large ways.

When a soul incarnates it agrees to be bound into the collective unconsciousness of the planet, country, ethnicity, race, city (or village) and regional language and culture that it decides to have as its birth. Our soul also agrees to link to and work with the social and physical DNA patterns of the family it chooses.

After all of those patterns and agreements or contracts are laid into us, is it no wonder we have a hard time feeling and following our own soul's journey?

And yet with our soul agreeing to be bound into each of these groups, each group also agrees to let the experience of our soul's journey shape and even change the pattern of each group to which we belong.

With each of our actions and decisions, we send new information to all of the collective unconsciousness to which we belong. As we learn, each of those group's unconsciousness collectives learns with us.

If you are a Star Trek fan, you will recognize this postulation. It was illustrated by the writers as a fundamental truth of the Borg Empire. Within the Star Trek universe, the thoughts of each Borg were shared into a collective whole. In turn information passed seamlessly amongst all Borg, everywhere, regardless of other forms of communication. It was the collective whole that made decisions. Yet the experiences of each were considered by each. (True trekkies know there is much more, but for the moment I end the metaphor)

As an American, I feel that I have an imperative to individuate myself. Part of the contract I have as a spiritual teacher in this lifetime is to speak up, and sometimes say less than popular or mainstream things. I also feel the need to listen, both to spirit and to those humans living outside of my own American experience.

Each time one of us listens, our ability to listen increases. As Americans, our group collective has an imperative to speak. It is time to begin to teach the American collective how to listen, by doing it ourselves.

From Hildegard:

…the soul, by reaching an agreement with the body, flies up into the Heavens like a bird in the air. Just as a bird cannot fly without atmosphere, our body, too, is kept in motion by the soul, and not by the body itself. (vision 4 - De Operatione Dei)

In listening, we learn to become still. In listening, we begin to notice various degrees of our own receptivity. And with a little luck and a lot of self-awareness, we begin to question why we listen better to some people and circumstances than to others.

Violence is a result of not listening. It is often met with more violence. It is a simple equation:


Violence + Violence = Violence


While in this meditation, I saw an image of Archangel Michael. I seldom see angels in the traditional sense, so this struck me as important. Michael was not wielding a sword to strike someone, but rather holding it upright in front of himself. Both hands clasped the handle below his waist, while the blade extended upwards to a point well above his head. The sensation was one of strength and stability. 'We shall not be moved' rather than 'We shall get our way' or 'We shall attack before we are attacked' or 'We have to fight back'.

The sword was the Sword of Truth. Michael is not alone in displaying this sword. For me the image of a sword signifies the drawing forth of a Virtue. The Truth of Spirit that we each hold within is immoveable. Despite all of the agreements we may take on to be embodied into this world, our fundamental agreement is to the expression and experience of own soul's journey. Without our own journey, each of the collective unconsciousness' is not enriched.

Each of us living in the United States has a connection to the collective unconsciousness that underlies our country. Each of us therefore sends and receives impulses from that collective unconsciousness. When some aspect of our collective unconsciousness is ready to grow and to become more enlightened, it surfaces.

I suspect that we as a group have decided to change our relationship to violence.

Remember that the United States was born out of the violence of war. We have a pattern of violence woven through our history, and so through our shared collective unconsciousness. Because we have this thread connecting us to war and violence, we have access to changing the very thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that perpetuate this same violence. As each person throughout the world has experienced violence, they have the ability to choose not to continue the chain of violence.

Each time any of us chooses not to be violent, that impulse enters the collective whole. Each time one of us chooses to listen and to wonder how we can hear better, and how we might respond to violence, our action is magnified by the collective whole.


Violence + Violence = Violence

Violence + Wondering Why = Less Violence

If the American collective unconscious is constantly receiving impulses of violence, then violence will be what we all receive from it. If those who can, begin to respond to receiving those impulses by themselves wondering why that impulse is present, we may hear something new within ourselves. What we hear we then send back into the collective. And perhaps more importantly, we send the experience and that same ability to pause and consider back into the collective unconsciousness.

My hope for a brilliant new Peace to all of us. May your gatherings be profound.

-Norma (with Archangel Michael)




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