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October 2004 Email Newsletter
Fear or Empowerment?

Peur ou puissance?


I have been waiting to write this newsletter for over a year. Events, both cosmic and earthly, are finally pointing the way to a conclusion of this question.

Below you will find:

-Eclipse and Grand Quintile information
-US elections
-what is next, and how do I access the new me?

Archangel Michael has been sitting with me (and no doubt many of you) for several weeks, in preparation for what lies ahead.

On October 1st we experienced the first of two Grand Quintiles. This occurs when the planets and/or sun form a five pointed star or pentagram. The second will occur 17 hours after the second eclipse of this month.

A quick summary ---------------------------------------------------------------
Oct 1st Grand Quintile
Oct 14th Solar Eclipse
-----Oct 24th Gathering in my Home to work with these energies
Oct 27th Lunar Eclipse (total)
Oct 28th Grand Quintile
-----Nov 2nd US Elections


See a pattern? The eclipses let us see what we have hidden from ourselves. The Grand Quintiles focus this through their doorways. Sort of like the cosmos squeezing a tube of toothpaste, but it is our bodies and minds that are feeling the pressure to release.

Last year about this time we had the Harmonic Concordance, a lunar eclipse with a six-pointed star (MerKaBa or Star of David). The energy of this year's second eclipse and second Grand Quintile is related. Over many years to come similar astrological events will cause a deepening of the pressure upon our mass psychic consciousness to literally squeeze out what no longer serves us. The Harmonic Concordance was the first such squeezing, this is the second.

You may already feel the pressure building as the first eclipse approaches. Moving through the month, whatever pressure we are feeling will intensify. The pressure is only leaning into the parts of ourselves, our personalities in particular, that our soul has identified as no longer a part of our growth cycle.

To release the intensity, we need to identify and release what no longer serves our soul in this point of our lives.

Over and over these past years, our planet has shifted realities. You go to bed at night, and wake up the next morning wondering if this is the same world. Have you turned on the news and felt like you were watching a movie? This is the experience of having multiple realities co-existing in the same plane. One by one, we (those legally incarnating or existing in the Earth) are ruling out the realities we no longer need to live in. And each time we rule out a reality it is because we have learned something from living within it, whether we were in it for months or days or even a moment.

How can you ease the intensity this time around? Remember that the pressure builds only against the part of yourself that is ready to be let go of. This time around, the pressure is helping you to identify and release parts of yourself that come from these other realities. These parts no longer serve your soul's growth. Every time we make a choice (to go shopping now or not) every other possible choice is made in another reality. The line of choice that you (and each of us) have made right up to this moment in time determines the reality in which our body lies.

Sometimes we don't quite finish making a choice, and our body straddles realities. The 'what if' questions around any issue or decision are an indication that your body is still holding onto another reality. This straddling of realities keeps us from grounding our bodies into the vibration of one single reality, here and now. Not having the physical body vibrating cohesively in one reality keeps us from accessing the Nature energies and our own vital life force. When this happens our soul actually has a harder time knowing where the home reality is.

As your physical body comes into the single reality you are choosing, it aligns with all of the choices you have made, and allows all the choices you didn't make to move to their own realities. Because your soul knows where the home reality is, it can travel over to the other realities and bring you back information about the results of the choices not made. This lets you integrate all the possible results of each choice, and have a complete experience of the event, without actually having to live out every single choice in this one body.

You become more grounded, and more capable of meeting the challenges of your own life here and now. Not surprisingly, issues around focus, sleep and nourishment tend to improve when the body vibrates into a single reality. This is part of what I do in private healings. I find that I can hold the physical body and ask it to come into a single reality, and then help related energies also come into current time and alignment with the soul.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th helps us desire to release and change what no longer serves our soul in the line of choices that creates our single reality. The increased intensity of the Grand Quintile on Oct 28th presses out that which we have hidden from ourselves and are now ready to see. The US election on November 2nd will demonstrate what reality the mass consciousness of the US has chosen.


Now to the really strange stuff -

As I understand it from Thoth and others, the United States was originally founded as a physical location to bring forth on earth, in due time, the Sacred Masculine structure of spirit. The phrase 'manifest destiny' is a reference to this potential.

As humans have evolved, the US has brought forth the masculine element, but at the profane or worldly vibration. As the planet and humanity has embraced the Divine Feminine, the energies of the Sacred Masculine are being called forth from both the physical Earth and the physical beings living upon Her.

Manifest Destiny is a sense that we are here to do something special and unique. Every being has this quality of consciousness. Every nation has its own Manifest Destiny and sacred energies to bring forward for planetary healing.

As a nation (and I say this as n American) we are called to find the quality of Sacred Masculine that lies within our group consciousness, and bring it forward. We have the possibility of providing a physical cradle for the Sacred Masculine to enter into the world now. Do we choose this empowerment? Do we choose the responsibility of doing for ourselves what needs to be done?

Fear is disconnect from spirit. When we are in fear mode, we can't feel our own bodies, we can't know our own judgment. In fear, we turn to others for leadership. In empowerment, we turn within for leadership. So the question of the upcoming US elections to me becomes, are we as a nation willing to carry the burden of empowerment; each nurturing our own connection to spirit?

When any one of us chooses empowerment, that message goes out to the mass consciousness and unconsciousness. As everyone chooses to nature their own healing and connection to spirit, that also passes out to others as a reminder to care for themselves.

It is my belief that the beings who founded the US did so to create a place where the Sacred Masculine might eventually come into form. The Sacred Masculine is the structure of Truth. The shared consciousness of the US is where the structure of Truth might come to rest. Therefore, it is within the shared consciousness of Americans that the Sacred Masculine is being called to come to rest.

The mass consciousness of those beings called to live within the US at this point in time are those drawn back to complete the work. Do we as a nation empower ourselves to move out of the fear of the worldly masculine, which has stomped and raped the world, into the empowerment of the Sacred Masculine which honors All Life?

George Bush, the current president, reflects the mass unconsciousness of the US. In him we see that which we deny having responsibility for manifesting in our outer world. John Kerry represents the non-sacred feminine parts of ourselves that need to be healed. Either choice will lead us to greater clarity. The cosmic energies will squeeze the unclearness out of us for many years to come!

As we release whatever beliefs and patterns in our bodies and lives that we ourselves feel pressure upon during the eclipses and Grand Quintile, we help to clarify ourselves. Anything you can feel as pressure, whether physical or emotional, probably isn't in alignment with who you are choosing to be now. If you haven't already done so, you may want to read Four Questions for Healing (available at the front page of my website, which gives more explanation of releasing energies that aren't yours.

I will be opening my home for a Home Gathering on Sunday, October 24th from 2-5pm for all the angels, both in form and in pure energy, to meet. Channeling of Thoth and the Ascended Masters, chanting, and working with the US elections (fear or empowerment) in meditations is most likely. There will be a specific meditation to assist those energies not of this planet who may have their fingers in the outcome of the election, and other major events in the Middle East, to gently return to their own homeworlds. If you plan on attending please let me know. There is a suggested donation of $35.

As always, my best and brightest blessings to all who have read this,
-Norma Gentile (with Archangel Michael)



See for complete listing


Ypsilanti, MI

Sunday, Oct 24, 2-5pm
734-330-3997 or, $35 suggested donation.

(Sponsored by Starlight Events.. or 416-873-1514)

Fri, Nov. 12, 8pm The Church of the Holy Trinity (near Eaton Centre)
Saturday, November 13
PRIVATE HEALINGS for those coming from out of town

Sunday, November 14th, 10am-6pm
Becoming an audible channel for Spirit. Experience carrying your unique spiritual energies in your voice and body to others for healing.

Emmanuel Chapel,Victoria University, U of T
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January 28th, 8pm

CANDLELIGHT MEDITATION CONCERT of healing chants by Hildegard of Bingen in complete candlelight with Tibetan singing bowls, overtone chant and the sacred medieval Gregorian chants of Hildegard sung in The Old Church, with storyteller Anne Rutherford weaving tales of Hildegard and her own bravery.


January 29 or 30th

Experiential, will include a live sound healing transmission from the Hathors, Tibetan Singing Bowls, breath and movement, energy awareness and sound as healing tools. NE coast of the USA, please contact Kathie


January 31, February 1



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Stretching into both music and Shamanic healing, Norma Gentile blends transmissions she receives from spirit with advanced sound healing. Her information comes from her experiences as a channel for Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathors, as well as her academic studies (master's degree in vocal performance). She has recorded three CDs, appeared on CBS TV, and has been profiled by NPR's All Things Considered and the Toronto Star.



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