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October 2001 email Newsletter

It seems so full, these past two weeks. Compassion, vulnerability, strength and stillness all are coming into play. Isn't it wonderful how people turn to spirit? Isn't it curious how much it takes for some of us to consider spiritual endeavors important? When the outer world is stripped away, what remains is only spirit. Tragedy helps remind us of that at a deeper level.

For those who are interested, there is an ongoing meditation using the Heart of Light and Unity Sphere each Thursday from 8-8:30pm Eastern time, 5-5:30pm Pacific time. So much of what I see as the future of healing has to do with this sort of group endeavor. Many others agree, and there are numerous organizations to choose from if you feel called to do so.

The group consciousness of the planet is slowly dividing itself. Some of you may notice this particularly in the middle of October. This need not be adversarial - it's like people 'belonging' to a family, or likeing different kinds of food. It simply is. Honor the differing viewpoints, the different strengths. Together the groups represent creation/God/All That Is in as much of its totality that can be seen at this time upon the Earth.

A head's up about November -

When I see someone with a cold I see white cloudy wisps around their body. It is quite beautiful, and I often see it as a strengthening and supporting of their growth process. Like spiritual fingers gently lifting out old scars and soothing old wounds. This is how late October and most of November appear to me now. How that will manifest we are all in the process of creating now.

A large part of this is President Bush. I mentioned that when I saw him on TV just after September 11 he had no aura. My guide, Atamira, showed me how he is truly an empty vessel. His body was vacated by those energies (most saw them as darker) that helped in the election. They have left. It is now the consciousness of the nation as a whole that is reflected in his own aura/mind/consciousness.

While I would love to hear him speak about huge airlifts of food and supplies to Afghanistan rather than troops, I realize, and am asked to pass onto all of you, that the change in consciousness was manifested in Bush as a result of the prayer work and group healings held worldwide. Bush serves as one example that we are creating our own external reality. And that we create it in balance with each other, together. In this way it is appropriate that he is expressing ideas that are a mixture of all of us that make up the national group consciousness.

If you would like to read more, please have a look at my Writings In the meantime, remember that Pres. Bush is a reflection of those issues that we, as a nation, are healing. Receiving his actions as you would receive the wounds of another, with mercy and compassion, stillness and strength, helps these qualities flow out into the nation, and our world. Sprit moves with the most ease through an open wound.

My love to all who read this,
-Norma Gentile


The concerts next weekend (Oct 5-7) in California (Berkeley and San Jose) are dedicated to releasing victimhood and stepping into the sacred strength of each one of us. Please pass the word to those who you know in the areas. It will be very lovely, and gentle music.

For those in Michigan there will be a gathering in Ann Arbor on the evening of October 25. This is a time of chanting, meditation, and a bit of information so we are coordinating our voices and intentions. 734-330-3997

For complete information on these and other events please see Itinerary

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