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January 2007 Email Newsletter
Investing in Transformation

Dear Friends,

This is a short newsletter, but hopefully helpful. My schedule brings me to teach, sing, and share private healing sessions in

Ann Arbor (sessions now)
Portland Oregon Jan 25-30 (concert, talk, healings)
Ann Arbor (full day High Heart workshop Feb 10th)
Berkeley, CA March 17 (concert)
Santa Cruz, CA March 18-20 (workshop and healings)
Chicago &endash;Evanston March 31-April 2 (concert, workshop, healings)
Atlanta May 11-14 (workshop and healings)

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I have noticed lately my own sense of 'why bother' coming up around my commitments to yoga, swimming, eating live food, etc. Basically, why do all this work when it is not paying off the way I want it to pay off.

A little meditation, a couple of clients with similar situations, and a lesson was learned with the help of Archangel Michael which I share with you now.

PLATEUS AREN'T BAD; Sometimes the energies created by 'healthy living' are placed in a savings account for transforming what our soul wants to transform. This may or may not immediately reflect what our personalities feel ought to change


How we 'save'up the energies of change for future self-transformation, rather than get instant results.


Ever notice how we reach plateaus, and often think there is something wrong? Not enough exercises, or enough meditation, or enough practice of an instrument, or enough clean living of some sort. Basically, if we aren't continuing to get results from whatever we are doing at the same rate we got them when we first started to do it, we ascribe it to not doing 'good' enough.

But what if we are putting all that transformational energy generated by our new 'healthy activity' away into a savings account rather than a checking account? It probably went into the checking account the first few weeks of the activity. There were some obvious debits that needed to be 'paid'. As a result we felt physically much better, lost a ton of weight quickly, and cleared up the acne.

But now we aren't seeing physical changes as much or as quickly. What if instead of spending our transformational energies immediately on a one -inch smaller waistline, that new energy has been placed into another aspect of our lives? Perhaps that transformational energy needs to accumulate with some other energies of change in the equivalent of a special savings account. Once that account reaches a substantial amount, our soul makes a large withdrawal, purchasing a new depth of heart, or a new understanding of those around us. Or perhaps some chronic, deeply held body issue resolves, and we don't even notice it has left. Perhaps we even have a sudden desire to eat lots of fresh greens!

After months of supplements and diet and yoga, I lost an incredibly important single ounce &endash; a large gallstone, stuck for decades, fell to pieces and passed painlessly. My soul took a big withdrawal from the savings account. While I was hoping to lose weight and gain perfect eyesight, in retrospect I feel amazingly better than I have in years and years, and I wouldn't trade it for what my personality was thinking should happen. As anyone who has dealt with weight issues knows, if you feel good, you will work out more. So I have no doubt that my efforts will continue to go where they are most needed.

Another example of withdrawing transformational energy from a savings account came from a client. She recounted to me how she just looked a cigarette one day and decided that was enough, she didn't want to smoke anymore. No tales of physical addiction issues, she was just done with the cycle. These are the sorts of things that occur when our soul makes a withdrawal from our transformational savings account of change.

Rather than getting upset or disheartened by not losing weight, not quitting smoking fast enough, not making enough money, not doing or being however your mind and personality have decided you ought to be, these are times when if we keep doing whatever we are doing to create change in our lives we will see that change manifest. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not even next week. Every day we are depositing a few energy dollars into that savings account. Give it time to grow, and keep making those regular deposits with walking, eating well, sleeping enough and spending time with friends. It will manifest as something surprising and wonderful. Giving to yourself lets your savings give back to you, with interest from the Universe.

with Archangel Michael

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