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January 2005 Email Newsletter
Ascension into Conscious Light
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Dear Friends,

In the past few weeks Thoth and other guides have been dropping some not so subtle hints about how the physical body clarifies itself in order to ascend into the conscious lightbody. I will be opening my home for a New Year's Home Gathering on Sun, Jan 2nd to share this new information. I will do my best to channel Thoth and the Ascended Masters, answering your questions, and leading a series of meditations to illustrate this process. There will also be chanting and Mary Light, a recently transplanted Live Food chef, has volunteered to create live food deserts and snacks. If you plan on attending please let me know. There is a suggested donation of $35.

Below is the information I have thus far from Thoth - parts are channeled, so bear with the vocabulary and planetary references! As always, my itinerary is available here. If you feel called to work with me privately please get in touch with me. This week, until Jan 1st, is a particularly good time to reset and clear out what no longer serves.


In the past year an issue of balance has come to the forefront. Not just in US elections, but in the politics of other countries, and in non-political issues, there has been a repeated stalemate.

from Thoth:
This 50/50 split is a part of your resolving polarity consciousness into unity consciousness. The issues that are stalemated are the principle issues around which you, humanity, have locked up your energies into rigid beliefs. That which needs to be dealt with are the energies actually causing the issues to arise, not the issues themselves.

Take for example the US elections. This is still very hot emotionally for most people. It is the heat of the emotion that is to be dealt with and this changes the quality of leadership in those elected.

Many people have asked why your current president (George W. Bush) is still in power. The answer is that while a majority of Americans chose otherwise, this simple majority is not enough. In the coming years you (those holding the consciousness of the US/Canada and other similar nations) must move decisively. When the golden mean of your population chooses, then that choice is made to step forward. Until such time, a holding situation occurs.

from Norma:
A bit of clarification here is helpful. What Thoth and the Ascended Masters explained to me is that we are in a group learning process. We will, as a group. graduate when the golden mean ratio graduates. This ratio is approximately 61.8 percent. So look for elections to be muddled until that percentage is reached by one candidate or the other.


from Thoth and the Ascended Masters:

We have spoken through this one concerning the end-times, which most view as coming soon. Some say they are upon you. Truly, your vantage point determines whether the motion you experience in your life indicates that 2005, 2006, 2012 or 2036 is the year of critical shift.

Humanity lives in the 3rd dimension, created within the 4th dimension. A few in form understand this and are creating, consciously, Many more have stumbled upon this, and are learning to use their tools to build areas of their lives anew. Yet more than the golden mean of sentience on your planet knows not their role as co creators. For this reason the larger guidance energies, which includes the Melchizedeks, have paused creation for a moment.

How to proceed?
In this free-will zone many lie yet asleep. In their physical form they cannot live, consciously, beyond the first entrance of your world into the 5th dimension. You, those awakened, can cradle them and love them here in the 4th, recreating the physical world for them. But more than one step into the 5th dimension you cannot go.

What to do?
Physics of the grand design provides a solution. Let those that can move not just in consciousness upward, but in physical form upward as well. This is not an ascension of leaving the world. It is an ascension of gathering into one's arms those who cannot step upward themselves, and drawing them close, so that in that motion of ascension, their essence is drafted into that same current.

In this way those that can, bring the motion forward. Those that cannot, are drawn forward.

A Larger Picture from Thoth

No soul is more advanced than another. What is meant here is that in this time period of years many portions of souls have chosen to break away and explore free will more deeply. They have taken advantage of this time to create such chaos and division from All That Is, that they have lost their direction back home to spirit.

When those in form, who may very well be other portions of these same souls, are able to vibrate their physical bodies into the level of conscious light, the other portions of the soul are called home. In this way all cross into the 5th dimension.

When those souls that need to, shed their physical bodies, the energies of the body return as a gift to the form taken on by Gaia (Earth). When those who can, uplift their physical form to conscious light, the energy of the body becomes a part of the new consciousness. This new consciousness is forming as a result of the energies born from free will, and the choices made by all consciousness in this area of space.

Why is this important?
If all life on Earth were to perish, if all souls were to simply shed their physical bodies, the energies would return to Gaia's care at whatever level (3rd or 4th dimension) the human was at when they died. There would be no ascension into the 5th dimension. It is the energy of the physical body transforming itself into conscious light that allows all souls to be drafted upwards to the 5th dimension. Without this draft effect, few souls will leap into the 5th. Most will remain in the 4th, the level at which souls rest now.

Even in death, the quality of consciousness of each soul is limited to the 4th dimension. Be aware, each channel has their own qualifications for each dimension. It may not be prudent to compare this channel's definition of 4th or 5th dimension with another channel's information. Know that as we speak through this one, her understanding is being utilized.

What is next?
Those who can will learn new ways to uplift, without damaging or burning out, the physical body. As they do, the vibrational rate of the atoms of the physical body gain such momentum, that they, over time, may conscious sly move into light or into form. For this reason we refer to the process as moving into conscious light. For it is not a one way motion, as it has been before. This is the ability to move between levels of conscious creation.

And this is done how?
By motions of gratitude, love, and wholeness. Your bodies, for each of you, contains the necessary coding now. We speak not of any organized mental system, but of the internal abilities you each have now to love. From the heart you can create the 4th dimension. It is from the very space between the particles of each molecule, of each cell, that you find the 5th dimension already within you.

What does this look like or feel like?
The breaking of physical laws - the pausing of the breathing cycle, lifting out of the eating cycle, gently noticing the dance of life within trees, stones, or the natural world so that you notice it within yourself - here is your awareness gazing upon the 5th dimension.

Remember - (from Atamira)
All consciousness of all dimensions already exists within you. Can you feel the still spaciousness that is held with your physicality? Bring your awareness here, and as you do, you bring your intention to this level. As you bring your awareness here more and more, you will bring, each time, a few more atoms, a few more pieces of physical form here. From here it is a transformative power that lets you step into conscious light. Of this last bit of magic we will speak to you later. For now, simply know that with each silence, there is motion. In each non-breath, there is breath.

We honor all that each of you does in your personal world. Know that you are sending ripples into even our level of consciousness, and All That Is has the deepest appreciation for this growth.

May all who read this be blessed, as they so choose,
Atamira, Thoth, and many Ascended Masters

-Norma Gentile


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