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January 2004 Email Newsletter
Resting in the Divine Chalice

Dear Friends,

I call this the monthly (or so) newsletter because I prefer to write when I feel the impulse of spirit wishing to express through me, rather than the calendar pushing at me.

This past week we entered into a veil of energy related to the fall eclipses. We are in another, deeper cleansing process to release beliefs, primarily those related to archetypal patterns as they manifest in our bodies. Look for odd sudden illnesses that are manifestations of your personal limiting beliefs around the masculine. As we release old concepts of how men or the masculine is, we invite space for the Sacred Masculine to enter. The new energy of Nature is all about creating the Divine Feminine Chalice in which the Sacred Masculine comes to rest.

To quote from this past fall's newsletter:

"November 8th isn't about outward demonstrations, it is about remembrance. Much less spoken of, but a portal of greater breadth which will span years into our future, begins with the solar eclipse on November 22-23-23. This impact won't even begin to be felt until mid-January 2003, its energies are so vast.

"This is a bit of universal magic; keeping humanity's chattering minds fixed on the November 8 energies, while the true magic, the magic of the Heart and Nature, is safely undergoing transformation. This transformation is from within the core of the sun. The solar eclipse of November 22-23 is a part of releasing the new light of the Sacred Masculine Heart.

"Look for continued shifts in your bodies, how you relate to each other, and how you feel yourself fit into your own body."

Today, January 18, brings an awareness to me of how many people are undergoing this shift in their bodies and do not understand it. Many are fighting to keep their equilibrium, but it is no longer possible. Our bodies, particularly the lower torso, need to change in order to accommodate and function in the new pool of Nature energies.

Tapping into Nature energies, in the manner that our energy and physical bodies are wired to do, lets us begin to manifest the sort of miracles previously associated with yogis.

Most of you know of my association with Elitom ( the Breatharian. I have come to realize that this new energy of Nature lets us turn on wiring to regenerate body parts as well as move into the breathless state. I suspect it also is an essential part of ascending the physical matter of our bodies into and beyond the 5th dimension.

While all of this sounds fantastic, it relates to the most fundamental of problems facing us &endash; shortages of water and food and money. As those of us who are gifted to live in luxury are able to shift our energetic matrixes to Nature, we assist all to do so via the morphogenetic field of shared human consciousness.

As those of us in the US, Canada and similar cultures shift, so will our cultures shift. As we consume less food and water, delighting in nourishing ourselves more from Nature, the land and sun, so too we will see an equivalent shift away from large-scale destructive consumerism to a smaller scale, society balanced consumerism. We will buy less, and use it wisely.

In this way the simple act of meditating and tuning our bodies to Nature begins a domino effect of healing around the planet.

I have found a way to share, via sound meditations in the concerts, workshops, and in private sessions, ways to assist this retuning in people's bodies. If you are interested in experiencing what happens in your body as it tunes to Nature, please plan to join me for a live event.

In my concerts there are sound healings to shift the body to Nature, so that you can 'try it on' for size. For some, the tuning will remain. For others, this is a 48 hour window. In workshops, I will go more deeply into the process, giving you meditations you can repeat on your own and continue to use. Private Sessions help to release blocks that show up around tuning the core of each chakra (primarily lower ones) to our new power potential.

In the next few weeks I'll be in Cleveland, Ohio, my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I'm in Portland Oregon now. Events are listed at the end of this newsletter, with complete info at:


Due to multiple requests, the workshop this past December with myself and the Breatharian Elitom is available on a 2 CD set. I am asking $15, plus $5 postage and packaging. To order, please send a check to Healing Chants, PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, or send money via to the email Be sure to include your name and the address to which you want the CD mailed. This is an informal recording, and is being burned to order, so please be patient!


Every time my guides say to raise my prices I resist. I figure people are already paying enough for my services…but what I have come to realize is that we really do get out of a session what we put into it. So what I charge is the equivalent of the energy quality I bring to each session.

As of March 1st, my fee will be $145/session, each session usually being an hour long. I will be asking an additional fee (prorated) for sessions that go significantly over an hour by 15 mins or more. As always, I strive to allow the energies to enter so that the session is the beginning of a healing spiral that you can journey on and complete at your own time and pace.

My best to each of you, as we move into the new light of Nature.
Blessings to all who read this from us,
- Norma, Atamira, and Amano (a part of Archangel Michael)

For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


If you would like to receive this monthly email directly please reply to Likewise, if you'd prefer not to receive this newsletter let us know that too.

Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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