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January 2002 email Newsletter
Speaking Truth,
Seeing Love

Hello to each of you.

As I write this I am aware of the shifting world current moving from the inner time of quiet, almost non-motion, to a more outward bound time of winter activity.

As most of you know I have a main guide (angelic presence) that I know by the name of Atamira. She shared this with me, and I'd like to share it with you directly.

From Atamira:

"For years we have said that there can be no lasting peace among nations until there is peace between men and women. Yes, you could also say that peace must first come from within. Peace and honor must first be known by your very natures. Your bodies hold and contain both male and female energies, both male and female qualities. Aligning these into balance and respect for yourselves lets you see and honor these same qualities in others.

"The women of Afghanistan have at stake much. They are the forerunners of the new generation of women leaders. Watch as they work in teams, both domestically and politically. Theirs is not a politics easily seen by the western media. Their political power comes from the family. It will be invited to arise as men slow a bit, and become aware of the extreme exhaustion, physically, mentally, and emotionally, that they have experienced for the past years. Given the opportunity, many men will willingly give the reigns of power to women, as this allows them to step back and rest themselves."

This is from an article "Speaking Truth, Seeing Love) which will be published in magazines this February (the month is a pivotal energy one for the Middle East). I have placed it on my website so that those of us working with the early part of current can begin to share our thoughts and experiences.

I believe that as we gently hold all of the world in our prayers, not committing any action or non-actions into form, that we support the emergence of true peace. I find in my own healing sessions that energies which appear evil or dark are merely seeking a way to their own home. They are lost, and out of step with the person to whom they are attached. With a sense of compassion for them in my heart, they often choose to move into their own path of growth, and release from a person's body.

As we all are growing so quickly, it may be helpful to remember that all energies seek to move homeward, and anything uncomfortable around you most likely is no longer serving you. Release, and bless it on its way.

For those in the NorthWest I'll be in Portland, Oregon for a concert(Fri Jan 25) and workshop (Sun Jan 27). I'll do private sessions on Sat Jan 26 for those coming down from Vancouver or Seattle. Private sessions for Portland area folks are available on Mon and Tues. Call 503-224-4929 New Renaissance Books for more info

Due to lots of emails from east coast and midwest people, I am teaching a special seminar (12 hours) on Fri evening Feb15/and all day Sat, Feb16 near Cleveland, OH. (This is for all those that can't make the Oregon training but want more experience with their guides, Unity Sphere and chant time) . It will include direct verbal channeling from Atamira, both as spoken info (bring questions) and guided healing meditations. Lie down healings also included. I've put the outline of the seminar on my itinerary page. ( Bethany is taking questions and registrations at 440-449-2817.

I'm going to be returning to Toronto in Feb (dates still TBA) for private sessions, and of course continue to offer phone sessions from my home.

And finally, yes, the rumor is true! I am headlining the New Life Expo in New York City this March 22-24. It will include a healing concert as well as workshop. I'll stay in the area for private sessions afterwards.

As always I'm glad to hear back from you. Feel free to pass this email onto others who desire to read it, and if you would prefer not to receive these mailings please let me know.

Blessings to each of you,

-Norma (with a little help from Atamira)


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