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January 2001 Email Newsletter

Hello all,

You may have noticed that I totally missed sending out an update in December. There are a number of new articles on my website ( including one on caffeine, another on grounding, and a very unique one on group prayer and how it can backfire (Healing Connections), etc. These appear in magazines around the country, so if you are following me in Phenomenews you have not seen these.

Several people have asked me to comment on the energies of this past week and upcoming week. You may have noticed the eclipse on Christmas Day, which energetically I felt as actually several days of energy. It felt to me that the new reality, the new spiritual paradigm was dangling just outside of my reach, but within sight. And this new reality didn't fit my world, and it simply felt out of sorts.

I was thinking that it was like standing in the Holodeck on Star Trek, when the hologrids are showing through and shorting out, revealing the surrounding to be merely a simulation. The world of now, where my physical body is, wasn't happy to see the spiritual grids shining through! Parts of me simply weren't and aren't quite ready to give up this dimension completely.

As you might know, another eclipse is coming, this time a full lunar eclipse, on January 9th. This lunar eclipse was described to me by Atamira as "the land of milk and honey". She was referring to the effect of welcoming in the new aspects of ourselves, which feels like coming home. Just as the Christmas eclipse 'lit up' and revealed aspects of ourselves that we have outgrown (and hence the discomfort and disease) this next eclipse let's us infill with new ideas, new charactor traits even new physical strengths.

Atamira suggested that by focusing on the incoming energy of the lunar eclipse, letting the body relax and expand, we will receive more support and ease for ourselves.

A final note before the itinerary information:

I sometimes get glimpses of energies farther down the road, and I feel it is not as a way of saying 'watch out', but rather as a way of saying, 'you can change this'.

When I scan this spring I'm seeing a drop off, like walking off of a cliff at the end of April. It seems to be associated with a huge physical rending, maybe of the earth itself, in early April.

I don't mean to be dramatic, and I know that such energetic patterns shift and change a great amount. The reason that I am writing about them is that I believe they are related to a resentment/animosity emotional undercurrent from the elections.

I looked back over the info that I received from Atamira in mid-September. She said at the time that there would be a growing tension in the month of November. She said the most important thing wasn't the resolution, but how we managed the energy of that tension.

I would say now that it seems the more deeply we embrace what has happened the more it is possible for something unique to occur. I don't see George W. Bush as actually being in charge of himself. And whatever is running the scene isn't completely filling him. There is room for other energies. Without meaning to do it, I believe that we are being given the opportunity to create a unity group conscioussness around the body of George W. Bush.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome. It's a new one to me, to see the potential for opposing forces to be concentually bound in physicality.

Finally, the you can see I'm shortening it, so you'll need to go the website and click on 'ITINERARY" to get the details. As always, if you prefer to not receive these updates just let me know.

May your new millennium be as wonderful and creative as you desire it to be!



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