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Sacred Voices,

Sacred Earth,

Sacred Relations

Atamira and Amano
through Norma Gentile

Winter Solstice

We are watching the planet earth reconfigure itself. The Earth is a being; living and responsive to all actions. She contains vortexes of energies equivalent to chakras within your own physical bodies.

From the channel:
I have been watching for years as the series of chakras that link the Middle East into other areas have been shifting

This is equivalent in many ways to a shift that has been happening within women, and some men, who are very connected to their female energies. That shift is the opening of the lower 5th or throat chakra.

(This chakra can easily be found by placing your finger at the stop of your breastbone, at the base of your throat. The notch in the bone is the where the lower 5th chakra is located.)

This chakra has been valued for its communion and connection energies, which allow a certain type of psychic information to be shared between people. What I would offer is that as a result of the earth shift this chakra is now open and available particularly for female energy to use as a means of intuitive connection into the earth.

The connection here with Earth Knowing is one that is totally natural. The opening of this connection into Earth Knowing is available to us as a result of the opening of the male heart to sacredness. It is the hearts of men that hold open the portal of energies by which women, or the feminine, enter into sacredness with the earth.

As men have moved into the heart chakra in a sacred manner, women have felt more supported. As a result, many women feel less of a sense of terror around entering into their deeper intuitive natures. And that includes entering more deeply into a state of bliss, of union, and of release during sexual intimacies.

Intuition comes from many different sources. Up until now the Western culture has been working primarily with a male linear psychic nature, which is based upon using the 6th chakra. What we are seeing now is a flowing into more of the psychic energies used by indigenous peoples.

Any chakra in your body can be used for telepathy or psychic energies. You can have telepathy at the heart (4th chakra), or at the 5th (throat chakra). Most women are very well organized to have telepathy and psychic connections at the 5th chakra. So are some men.

An exercise to open the throat chakra
Women often feel a block or a clog, almost like difficulty in swallowing, at the 5th or throat chakra. One common cause is that all of those psychic connections are just too close in!

In order to reorganize the energies around the throat or 5th, it may be helpful to imagine the energy around your throat as if it were a necklace. Each bead of the necklace most likely contains 5, 7, or 13 additional connections. Some of these beads exist more strongly in this lifetime; others exist to help you connect with alternate lifetimes. All the beads contain connections to friends, family, and supportive angles or guides.

Allow the necklace, the entire ring of energy, to move away from your throat. Let it expand to at least two feet away from your neck. This gives you permission to be who you are in a deeper sense. It is a manner of honoring your body. If two feet away isn't far enough let it move even farther away. Let this ring of connection be wherever your body wants it to be.

Conception, the Soul and Earth
The psychic connection that has been opened in the lower 5th chakra is between the feminine energy and the feminine earth. It is between the sacred feminine that is incarnate in each person, and their soul's unique reflection of the sacred feminine earth.

Earth Soul called forth
When your soul decided to incarnate, it drew forth from the earth all those energies that were absolutely needed for it. All those energies that would be the possibilities and probabilities of this lifetime were gathered together. And as your soul drew all those earth energies forward and up, it merged with those earth energies, and that became the first living moment of your soul. That moment was the motion of conception.

As the first cell split and divided into more cells, you choose which of those possibilities and probabilities you wanted to bring forth, and approximately when, into this lifetime. As a result of opening the lower 5th you have opened into all those earth energies that your soul had initially brought forth.

Integrating the choice not made
So in this way you begin from the earth side to open into all the different possibilities and probabilities that your body here wants. Even though you didn't live a certain experience (perhaps you took a different choice) the result of the other choice or choices are available to you to integrate into your body.

This means that you can learn from a 'bad' choice without having to make that 'bad' choice. It means that you can also choose to integrate a 'good' experience where perhaps that wasn't so.

As your body begins to connect more with the earth you can literally shift the past experiences that your body is built on. This is one way of shifting out of a disease pattern. Many people have done this, oftentimes accidentally, and usually without knowing consciously what they were doing.

We would suggest to you that by playing with these energies, by being aware of them, by opening your body (lower 5th) and being connected into earth, you may find yourself experiencing things in new and different manners, and remembering things in new and different manners.

Sexual Energies
You have within you the ability to express your sexuality in a myriad of manners. Take what you feel to be your edge - the edge of the pond of the relationship. That relationship can be between yourself and your God, your Earth, or your lover.

The edge is your area of learning and growing. It is that yearning that you feel so physically in the moments of ecstasy just before sexual release. Your body craves the momentum toward spirit that sexual enjoyment provides.

Sexual energies can be used to move toward either pole of spirituality. The pole of hierarchy, or of the masculine, is where dominance and power provide structure and support for your sexual expression. The feminine pole of sexuality features the spaciousness, the floating, and the calm aspects. Even in the midst of arousal you feel this calm sensation. It is one that you sink into it often, realizing that you have done so only when you rise out of it. This is the feminine pole of your Godself, reaching through your sexual being.

The Sexual Body and the Aura
The sexual body is much like any other aspect of the etheric body. We give a placement to the sexual body much as we do to the etheric, mental or emotional bodies. It exists in a way within each layer of your aura. And yet, right now, it is most active in your etheric body. Perhaps it is best to say that the part of your sexual body that interfaces with your etheric body is the most active element of the sexual body at the moment.

The spatial description of your sexual body is such that it would lie within all of your aura. Depending on your awareness, availability, partner and numerous other factors, you draw upon different element s of the sexual body during lovemaking, and from within different layers of the aura where it lies.

Another way to say this is that your moments of sexual ecstasy are limited here in the 3rd dimension by your ability to express your own true nature. As you learn to express your true nature, your sexual expression enlarges.

Tantra for Today
Many yogis have taught a type of trantra. Much of this is blended into the body's knowledge. Spirit is always limited to the conscious knowledge of the one through whom it is speaking. Hence, many sexual practices emanating from the east reflect the beliefs and physicality of the eastern physical body, as it related to the earth in the time that the practice was given by spirit.

As most of the known practices were given by spirit through men, they naturally reflect the needs and nurture of the male body.

From the channel:
Now, as to the female body. How does the opening of the lower 5th relate to the new earth energies, or does it?

Yes, it does. The newly emerging sacred feminine that we have been speaking of for over 2 years now is manifesting in the eyes of the women of the Middle East. Look at the strength, the power and the resolve of pictures of the new leaders of Afghanistan. There, deep within the eyes of the women, is the emergence of this sacred power. It is not limited to women alone, but the ground is most fertile for it within them.

You have the power and ability to match them. Here (particularly in the US/Canada) is the opening of the male heart that allows for the expression of compassion. As men match and respond to the compassion emanating through the hearts and minds of women, women's hearts relax. In this way men receive confirmation that their own heartspace is not only safe, but also powerful.

Sexual Relations
The power of sexual relations (between any two people) is part of what builds and holds the sacred grids around the planet earth. To say that an earth without sexual expression would not exist is not an understatement.

The sexuality expressed in much of the Middle East has been repressed. As men and women find their footing again with each other, a literal groundswell of energy will form new patterns in the etheric earth body surrounding them. Their culture and even political climates will reflect that in healthy growth, and the ability of nations and people's to find self-sustainment.

Those regions where drought, storms, or other pestilence is pervasive often exist as a reaction on the part of earth energies to a waning or ill expression of sexuality between people. If, and perhaps as, you truly understand your roles as creators, you may find it possible to share love, one to another, in a way that also creates abundance, safety and health for your family and earth mother.

Anger is a main component in your expression of sexuality at the current time. To be general, men (or masculine energies within women) have not found a reception in the outward world. The mere expression of boundaries, which is what anger often suggests, is subjected to much debate.

The act of loving another suggests both the honoring of boundaries held by the other as well as the honoring of the process of release. With each act of sexual creation you are choosing to honor different qualities of creative energies. Releasing into these energies, and into the creative process, allows for the greatest movement outwardly, and inwardly, during orgasm.

Your lovemaking shapes the world. Not just your own would, but other's as well. Who you are today came about as a result of the quality of spirit your parents were engaged in during your conception and growth.

Who you are tomorrow is equally dependent on the quality of engagement you have with your partner (whether it is a person or the energies or earth mother or father). You each have the ability to love each other deeply, and to meld together in ways that form nurturing energies for even those of us in the spiritual realms.

Please understand; we give you this information so that you might create with us. Be with your heart, be with your lovem in anything you do. And most especially in loving another. This we would ask of you.

Our love to all who read this,
Atamira and Amano

Through Norma Gentile

December 21, 2001

Norma Gentile is both an intuitive sound healer and singer. Her desire is to bring spirit through music, and to help others do the same. Her recordings of sacred chants by Hildegard von Bingen include "Unfurling Love's Creation". She provides healing space for others in concerts,workshops and private sessions throughout the US and Canada.


Norma is now leading a series of concerts and workshops across the country based on the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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