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Stillness, Grief, Tsunami
you may wish to see also Ascension into Conscious Light
Stillness Gathering, Jan 2, 2005

from Thoth:

When weighted down by grief, fear, or coming into death during sudden shock, it is difficult for the soul to exit the body and take with it the gifts of learning (processed karma) for that lifetime.

Many who died in the waters did so consciously, releasing themselves into the process. Theirs are the souls that that serve as guideposts to the thousands, and ultimately millions of other souls that are being invited to travel beyond the 4th dimension and into the 5th.

As each of you passes on, it is possible that one of these guidepost souls will be your own guide into conscious light. This is a process of both celebration, and stillness. For in meeting the waves of world grief with a still heart, the heart becomes a place of transformation. Tears can be of sorrow or joy. It is your decision which will be shed. Sitting in deep stillness with grief allows it to enter the transformational home within your hearts.

from Norma:

I feel that 300,000 people will have left their bodies behind as a result of the tsunami by this Sunday. Nearly 250,000 exited immediately. In sensing into their transition, I feel many still wandering.

For Sunday, I would like to propose a time of focused meditation. Perhaps there is a way to assist these ones to complete their cycles. Part of this may come by letting them know and feel that they are no longer in form. They need to feel how our bodies are dense, and theirs are not. It seems simple, but this process is a part also of our learning about the difference between death, the shedding of the body, and ascension, a conscious releasing of the body, where the some or all of the material of the physical form vibrates into the range of conscious light.


If you feel so drawn to join me here in Michigan on Jan 2nd, 2005, please let me know. The gathering will begin at 2pm east coast time, and end by 5pm. Expect two principle meditations, and feel free to tune in long distance if you feel them.

My blessings to each of you

-Norma Gentile
734-330-3997 or

PS - a similar meditation will most likely take place in Evanston during the Sound Shamanism workshop Jan 15th. (, and in Portland, Oregon during the concert and workshop (

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