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Speaking Truth
Seeing Love

by Norma Gentile (with Atamira)


For the past 9 months we as a society and a nation have been confronted with a dual reality. The plight of women, particularly in the Middle East, has been in the news regularly. What is it that allows us, as women living in the US and Canada, to be of help elsewhere in the world?

Knowing that we, as humans, share a connection to spirit is utmost. Every action, thought, or desire that I feel radiates out through the interconnectedness of our shared spirit. And as you feel it, you interpret and integrate it into your own reality.

Have you ever had a day where everything hummed along? And a few days when things didn't? You might have noticed that others were experiencing similar delays and mishaps on those days.

We respond to prayer just as we respond to a hug. When someone loves us and holds us in their arms, we open our hearts and hug them back. When someone speaks ill of us and attempts to hug us, we can feel the ill will in their hearts; our body freezes, and our heart does not open.

So too does the spiritual current of healing resonate around the world. As we speak or even think ill of another, the uncomfortable vibrations move out from us. What is the natural response? One of discomfort from the other person or situation, heading right back towards us!

So when we pray for another, especially when praying for someone that our society allows us to view as evil or an evil-doer, it is for our own sakes that we invoke compassion towards them. To do otherwise is to open ourselves to the repercussions of our own judgements.

My own spiritual teacher and guide is Atamira. She shared with me the observation that the opening of the throat chakra among women (and men) in developed nations is actually the thymus gland expanding its range of activity.

Thus far the gland has been primarily involved with aspects of communion between people. The psychic energies in this area of the throat are the result of the acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of all life.

The new lower 5th chakra (located at the base of the neck, in the sternal notch) is opening now because the heart energies of men's physical bodies are more stable. It is these newly emerging masculine heart energies that create a safe place for the intuitive feminine. Because of the interconnection that is shared by all of humanity, the physical body was incapable of receiving these psychic feminine 5th chakra energies until now.

The agreement to open this aspect of the female body is indeed an agreement to open the sacred feminine energies further into form. And where the feminine walks, the sacred masculine goes also.

The liberation of Afghani women from the political and physical laws of the Taliban is one of the external physical signs of this opening.


From Atamira:

"For years we have said that there can be no lasting peace among nations until there is peace between men and women. Yes, you could also say that peace must first come from within. Peace and honor must first be known by our very natures. Your bodies hold and contain both male and female energies, both male and female qualities. Aligning these into balance and respect for yourselves lets you see and honor these same qualities in others.

"The women of Afghanistan have at stake much. They are the forerunners of the new generation of women leaders. Watch as they work in teams, both domestically and politically. Theirs is not a politics easily seen by the western media. Their political power comes from the family. It will be invited to arise as men slow a bit, and become aware of the extreme exhaustion, physically, mentally, and emotionally, that they have experienced for the past years. Given the opportunity, many men will willingly give the reigns of power to women, as this allows them to step back and rest themselves."

Years ago Eve Ensler wrote a series of monologues based on her interviews with women regarding how their viewed their vaginas. She found humor and anger, loving moments and reluctant stories poring out from women of all shapes and sizes, countries and religions.

These monologues have become a powerful tool in opening the consciousness of women to our shared emotions and experiences as spiritual beings in very human female bodies.

As you participate in your own life, know that your experiences, and your reactions to them, become the prayers that go out into the world. May you be so blessed, as you bless others.

My love to you all.

-Norma Gentile
(with a little help from Atamira)


Norma Gentile is an energy healer, writer, and vocalist. She provides healing space for others in private sessions, workshops and concerts throughout the US and Canada. Her desire is to bring spirit through music, and to help others do the same. Her recordings of sacred chants by Hildegard von Bingen include "Unfurling Love's Creation".

Norma is now leading a series of concerts and workshops across the country based on the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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