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The Game
by Norma Gentile

reprinted from
PhenomeNEWS Magazine

"And the armies of Creation lined up, each on their own side. Bowing before one another, they then passed into the Sea of All Souls, crashing down as waves, and being drawn out into the Sea of All Life."

-Archangel Gabriel, as channeled by Norma Gentile

Once upon a time, there was a lovely planet. The souls incarnating on that planet decided to play a game. One by one they chose sides and divided themselves into two teams. Wearing only black or white vests to distinguish themselves, they began to play.

The game went well. Both sides played their best, experienced themselves to be more agile and quick-thinking than they imagined they could be and exceptionally clever. Several new plays were discovered as both sides went beyond what they had been taught about the game.

Eventually the sun began to set and it became harder and harder to make out who was on what team. As the final rays of sunlight glistened on the horizon, the whistle was blown and both teams lined up, shaking each other's hands and congratulating the opposing players on their brilliant plays and new strategies. Both sides recognized that they had learned much from playing in opposition to each other that day.

Now, if you were to consider our current planetary cycle in terms of a game, we are at the point of oncoming darkness, just before the sun sets on the day. Many people have commented on the upcoming millennium, the six lunar and solar eclipses in the year 2000 and of course Y2K and the Mayan calendar ending in 2012.

Behind all of these events is the simple fact that the game is indeed coming to a close. There need not be a clear winner or loser. We each need only to have played to our full potential and be willing to congratulate another on their skill in playing also.

Too often we assume that the conclusion of this age will be all parties concerned with moving into white light. Isn't that a bit of an irony? Here we are, believing we are moving as a planet out of polarity and into Christ Consciousness or Oneness, but only one side was right? As if only one team in the story above had won?

If we are truly moving out of polarity, out of judgment of right and wrong or good and bad, then why would we move into only one side? Before the game can truly end, the players on both sides need to line up and identify themselves. We need to be able to graciously and genuinely thank the players on the opposing team for a good challenge. And we need to honestly acknowledge what parts of ourselves have played for the dark, as well as the white light team.

It is only when we can look into our own hearts and minds, and be comfortable knowing and seeing those actions we took on behalf of both the dark and white light, that we begin to move out of polarity consciousness. "All for one and one for all" as the old saying goes. This is also a perfect metaphor for the experience of oneness that we are moving into.

It is not a sense of being lost, without identity. Rather, it is a sense of knowing one's own identity, one's own beliefs, one's own values so strongly that there is no fear of another's proximity, strength or power.

It is this experience of safety that is a hallmark of moving away from polarity. It is the motion of the teams lining up and congratulating each other on a game well played. No winner, no loser &endash; simply the enjoyment of true engagement at a high level of skill. This is the fun and excitement of experiencing each other's best efforts.

This September is about recognizing that each of us has been playing on both teams. It is about forgiving ourselves for playing against ourselves and at the same time recognizing that because we did this, the game was an exceptionally fine one.

The energies of this fall are about reconciling that there is more to life than what we see or know intellectually and that in some manner, we all are worthy of a pat on the back, a congratulatory handshake and an embracing hug. We have played the game magnificently. And it's just about time to go in together for dinner and a post-game wrap-up.

Norma Gentile is a recording artist, singer and professional energy healer. Her specialty is in Attunement, a hands-off healing process using sound and energy which allows a deeper richness of spiritual and physical interaction. She has recorded two CDs of chant by Hildegard Von Bingen and leads workshops in Attunement. She can be reached at or her website at

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