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excerpted from
The Sedona Journal of Emergence


The Ripening Fruit
a channeling from Mary


through Norma Gentile

from Mary-


You know the one road that leads to singular annihilation. Your path is to find your own compassion in your heart. When you do this, you build another road.

You, and many other humans, join together to build this other pathway.

There is a fruit on the vine, the vine of humanity. There is a fruit of love. The fruit of love is indeed the fruit from which all creation feeds. As each fruit comes to full ripeness, as each heart within physical form learns to sing the Creator's song, there is a joy in gathering each of these fruits into the Creator's basket.

Returning home in this form is, for some, not the soul's journey at this time. Returning home is not yet a reality for many. The soul, all portions of it, rests very gently into the earth plane, and yet finds its home, finds its glory, finds its growth in all those things that it most denied and detested in the earth plane.

We would suggest that the restful ease that comes with our energy might be one to lean back into. The restful ease might be energy to take a bit of respite within. Know this restful ease. Allow it to enfold you, and feel the smoothness.

You are not used to feeling your own energy. You feel that clarity, that ease and lightness that would let you spring up and leap, and yet you feel empty. You wear so many overcoats; you are not yet accustomed to simply wearing your energy alone.

Being naked in the sun is equivalent to wearing merely your energy. You cover and clothe yourselves in the energies of others, even our energies. This is not needed. Become aware of the clarity of just your energy. This is you, each of you, in your own glory. Still and clear and light, this is your energy in tune with who you are. There is no vibration, no shaking, and no heaviness. Clear and still. Be.

Norma Gentile is an intuitive healer, professional singer, and teacher. Her recordings include "Meditation Chants of Hildegard von Bingen". She teaches others how to magnify their own intuitive and healing skills with energy, sound and movement. She can be reached at or 734-330-3997.

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