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Polarity, Unity
and Christ Consciousness
by Norma Gentile

September, 1999

Although I often do not know the names of the muses who sit with me, this article is by Amano, a masculine consort to Atamira.

Unity Consciousness is merely a term indicating the presence of non-physical reality. Christ Consciousness indicates the incarnational abilities of Unity Consciousness. That is, when Unity Consciousness takes form in an action, a deed, a thought or an emotional act of blessing, it becomes visible in your physical reality as Christ Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness then is merely the expression of Unity Consciousness.

Polarity Consciousness, as you have known it, consisted primarily of two poles. In other realities it can be broken into three or more poles or subdivided by other methods.

Here in this forest there are two old-growth trees. They exemplify the masculine and feminine poles which define your culture.

What is it that the trees are showing you? Although there are two physical trees, whose trunks are separated by at least 25 feet, they consider themselves to be one unit, one tree. Their root system is intertwined, feeding both trees, with one consistent energy.

The masculine energy that is coming into the earth at this time allows for some unique opportunities. More than before, it allows for a quality of manifestation, a speed of manifestation that has not been known before.

The first half of October was a prime-time for manifesting. Another such period is scheduled to occur this winter, in the month of February.

This past summer the portal opening between your sun and that of Sirius (July &endash; September) allowed you the opportunity to weave this masculine power of manifestation into the sacred feminine chalice which you have been building for many years. To the extent that you have woven in the masculine energy, it will remain accessible to you yearlong.

A similar opening is planned for the year 2000 portal (with Sirius), and also the year 2001 portal, although the latter portal is expected to be of much lesser intensity.

There are those energy beings around the planet who would re-direct this masculine energy according to their own will. This will be a means of learning discernment for many people. Those creating out of the urgings of these non-physical beings will find their creations uncomfortable and perhaps even suffer physical ills.

Creating out of one's own space, the inner or Universal Heart, will be so simple that many will discount their ability to create. Even this channel is one such person!

The Inner or Universal Heart is that Heart of Creation which lies within each of you. Just as Christ Consciousness is the physical manifestation of Unity Consciousness, so too your unique and individual Universal Heart is a personal manifestation of the Heart of Creation.

Within the Heart of Creation lie both the masculine and feminine poles. When one experiences either polarity externally it is an opportunity to acknowledge the greater depth of that polarity within your own Heart. For this reason many people will experience the poles as being something new, and as having external form.

You have been focused for the past 15 years on bringing forth the Sacred Feminine. Now is the beginning of balancing this with the Sacred Masculine. There is no right or wrong here, merely the opportunity to continue to build and expand your awareness of creational possibilities. As you have called forth and actively engaged the sacred feminine energies, there is now the opportunity to experience a greater range of the sacred masculine.

Because the majesty and encompassment of the sacred masculine has not been felt before in the larger version that is now possible, many will mistake it for feminine energies. There is a quality of blessing, forgiveness, gentleness and support which you are just beginning to experience. As you all have allowed these qualities to sink into and pass through your physical being, they have bonded with the feminine energies already present and began in August to create new experiences of Unity energies.

These Unity energies will manifest as a greater expression of Christ Consciousness everywhere, in everyday life. They will even manifest, although to a lesser extent, in political life.

Blessings to all who read this,

Norma Gentile is both a professional singer and trained healer. She lives near Ann Arbor, where she shares private healing sessions and coaches voice. Her recordings of medieval chant by Hildegard von Bingen, Meditation Chants and Unfurling Love's Creation, are the basis of her concerts and workshops.

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