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the Sacred
Male Heart

April 10. 2002

by Norma Gentile

Several years ago it was uncommon to see men cry in public. Now it is lauded as an example of true masculinity. David Letterman, Dan Rather, and a number of other intelligent and well-spoken men appeared openly emotional after the events of September 11. In these days they led the way in breaking down another layer of men's socially adapted behavior.

And any time men change, women change also.

Since September 11 there has been a deeper compassion available to women. As men's hearts have opened, there is a more gentle feminine quality which meets them from within women.

This is also true for the masculine and feminine aspects of each of us. Our male qualities are dropping away from the worldly masculine ideas, and shifting towards sacred masculine ideals.

The ramifications are being seen in politics, business, and especially religion. As the worldly or profane masculine is transformed, those institutions built on its hierarchy lose both their internal and external power. On the personal scale, we notice those beliefs and habits that have been handed down for generations within our families, and choose to perpetuate only those that are truly healthful and beneficial for us now.

An external component of this shift is being seen in businesses. Those companies functioning in the old world pattern of the masculine are unable to adapt to the demands of both the marketplace and employees. The profane masculine version of hierarchy, placing decisions and power into the hands of fewer and fewer people, no longer serves the creative process of business growth.

The sacred masculine provides a surround and safety to draw out the power, knowledge and potential of each person. The sacred feminine joins together these finest qualities together, weaving a web of connection inside and between each of us. Using both sacred masculine and feminine ideals companies (and each of us as individuals) find the honorable right to our own expressive freedoms.

In political and religious terms, and opening of the heart to express and receive the blessings of the sacred masculine means the falling away of structure merely for order and control. Mental ideas of right and wrong collapse, even while they are being forcefully imposed.

A friend noted for me that energy always heads directly toward what needs to be changed. As I watch the ongoing situation in the Middle East I am reminded of this in the context of healing.

As Maureen Dowd wrote in the New York Times on Aprl 6, 2001; "At precisely the moment when religion should have a calming influence, it has a dispiriting influence. Just when people need religion to bring them peace, it brings them war or crisis or abuse or just plain pain.

"As the need for spirituality is growing, the credibility of various faiths is waning. Instead of addressing itself to the angels in our nature, religion seems to be inspiring the demons in our nature."

The energy of our thoughts, our prayers, and even our physical motions are moving to one of the deepest wound on the planet; that of sexuality, bound by religion. The energy is moving not to try to seal the wound, but to expose the falsehoods, and atrocities of human behavior unfettered from spiritual direction.

In prayer for Jerusalem, for the children, or for the men and women sustaining the violence, remember that your own actions speak loudest. Your thoughts, beliefs and deeds each have an underlying energy. As we each return to spirit, in every action and moment, we return our power to the process of creating with All That Is, God, and Life.

My own knowing reminds me that each of us has a deeper potential than we choose to step into on a regular basis. Out of fear, shame and perhaps guilt we hide our light under a bushel. Or perhaps we hide our power under the guise of not wanting to outshine another.

If everyone spoke their truth, what would the world look like? Perhaps we would have slightly more ease with differing opinions. Perhaps we would feel less need for our neighbors to look like ourselves.

Over three hundred years ago there was a similar movement of spiritual energies in the earth to cleanse the issue of religion and power. Each time the male and female arise in their sacred form we have the opportunity to reach a greater potential of spiritual alignment.

In these next years we will be hearing more and more about the sacred masculine and the opening of the male heart. For each person this means a stepping into power, and the responsibility to use that power with the passion of the female heart.

My blessings to all who read this,

-Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile is a intuitive sound healer and writer. Her new CD, "Healing Chants of Hildegard:, opens into the sacred masculine. For more information please see or 734-330-3997


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