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Nourishing ourselves from Nature

(Breatharianism, Sacred Sex, and mysterious illnesses)

-Norma Gentile, 11/3/0   

I have been asked to place this information in the public domain

Gaia/Earth has shifted. She is on her own path now, and it is diverging from our own.

Like an infant, our bodies have been suckling from her the prana, the energies that were needed to sustain our physical bodies.

As she has grown, we have grown. We are at a point in physical energy consciousness equivalent to the weaning of a child from its mother's milk. Gaia has been processing energies for us and then allowing our bodies to feed from her own body, Earth.

Our physical bodies are now able to connect directly with the energy from which Gaia herself was formed. I call that energy Nature.

As we make the shift from dependence upon Earth energies to utilizing the abundance of Nature's presence, we also shift into a deeper maturity with all of creation.

Nature is the energy which Gaia used to mold herself into what we know of as Earth. Nature energy is our new energy of the future. Grounding into Nature is like sitting in a still warm tub of water. The energy is present all around you. It is a sense of surround, of being enveloped and enfolded. This is our new grounding.

As our bodies are shifting, we are often experiencing a sense of losing grounding. What we are losing is a sense of our old grounding. We are slowly finding this new grounding.

The enteric nervous system, often referred to as the body-mind, is the central figure in this shift. As the enteric nervous system retunes itself to digest the energies of Nature, we open the body's ability to step into physical immortality.

Nature is an infinite supply of energy. It is cycle of energy never-ending because it is balanced with spirit, the male principle.

Earth is the form that the soul Gaia took on in order to fulfill a part of her own journey and exploration. As vast and powerful as she is, she is finite. Beginning in June, 2003, she slowed the flow of her energy into our bodies, forcing us to retune to Nature's energies.

Many people are fighting this change. Better to say their minds are fighting it! The enteric nervous system is actually composed of more nerves than are in the spine. The enteric nerves wrap around the colon and are part of the 'gut' instinct that we have built into our body level knowing.

The enteric nervous system and the front part of the brain are formed from the same cell cluster in the embryo. While there is no direct physical link between the two in the adult body, the neurons in both response in similar patterns. There is a resonance between the brain-mind and the body-mind.

This resonance is how the brain-mind receives its next evolutionary step. As our enteric nerves re-tune to Nature energy, this naturally resonates into the brain-mind. The brain begins to physically re-tune itself to similar frequencies.

As a result wide swings in the physical body occur. Issues both physical and mental abound, as balance is temporarily lost. Regaining that balance is not just a matter of time, but a matter of active choice.

As the change is embraced, more opportunities are found. For example, the ability to nourish the body on prana or Nature energy alone, without food or water, begins with this shift or retuning in the enteric nervous system. Breatharianism, once only known by a handful of yogis, is about to become as common as high quality healers now are.

The ability of the physical body to receive nourishment from Nature's energy is a primal connection. This is how the body may choose to evolve itself from form into pure light. As the enteric nervous system becomes more tuned to Nature, and as a number of other refinements and balancings occur, the percentage of energies the body draws from Nature increases, while the dependence on solid food and water decreases.

I have been blessed to see this process with my own eyes. It is merely one validation, to me, that spirit and Nature are at work to uplift the human body.

The Pranic Pendulum

Most of us use food and water to nourish our bodies. In order to have physical life, we must be able to receive some amount of prana which is not from a physical source, such as food or water. In the average person on the street, 98% of our prana comes from food and water, and 2% from Nature. In a breatharian, this is reversed. A breatharian may take some amount of food or drink to balance their bodies from time to time, but it is a small percentage of their overall energy intake.

Depending on circumstances, many people are able to draw more than 25% of their prana from Nature for several days. This is particularly common during retreats in natural settings.

The rise of interest in breatharians is the beginning of a new cycle in the planet. Up until now Gaia has been breast-feeding humanity, as our nervous system was not able to process the more advanced energies of Nature and Spirit. Now she is weaning us, in part by turning the energetic milk sour. Those that insist on nursing from her are finding it increasingly uncomfortable!

Areas of the body which are being most affected are the adrenals, kidneys, colon, ovaries and testicles. Secondary areas are the back of the head between the occipital lobes (the back of the 6th chakra) and the tailbone, knees and feet.

Practitioners of Sacred Sex will notice that the lower area and upper areas are energetic mirrors in the sacred figure 8. This is setting up a future step of using kundalini energies. Until these parts of our bodies are able to tune into the larger creation picture, Nature and Spirit, it would be foolhardy for us to be given the power to fully create using sexual energies. We are merely driving the equivalent of driving a push power go-cart during sex at this moment. We must learn to steer first, before adding an external engine!

Why we are single

Many female light workers are single. This is by design. The female energies they carry are not meant to be patterned or maligned by the structure that an unawakened male would bring. There are many advanced souls or parts of souls gathering. They are readying themselves to walk into and to simply shift into bodes if men who are now in form. Within the next two years this will begin.

The physical quality of energy in the planet needs to rise to the point where when these souls enter the physical bodies which are here the habits and patterns of the physical bodies are not supported by the overall quality of energetic consciousness. Even an advanced soul has difficulty raising the level of consciousness of a physical body if it is not supported by its physical and energetic environment. In this case, the entire planet is the environment that is being raised, in order for the entry of these new sacred masculine souls.

Switching to the new energy of Nature as your prana source.

Nature energy is most similar to the quality of warm water. Envision grounding down into water. When your upper brain-mind tunes into the quality of water, it gives your body-mind in your gut permission to also retune itself. Most people experience a sense of relief and release as the enteric nervous system retunes and relaxes. It doesn't have to work nearly as hard now.

For those that are attending events of mine, I will be asking my Hathor guide Atamira to be present for a sound healing invoking Nature energy into the room, and an extended time of chant for everyone to bring Nature energy into their bodies. This will be a healing for physical issues on the personal level, as well as planetary level.

Asking our healing guides to step into the space which forms when both heart chakras are tuned together, we (Atamira and I) will show you how to channel and lay healing energies into your own voice. As time permits, I am glad to have you ask questions of Atamira or Archangel Michael which deepens both the group and personal experience of what we are passing through at this time.

In private sessions I am able to help releasing cording into the Earth that is holding the body back. Straddling realities is a huge problem &endash; if you are having trouble deciding on major issues, this is most likely the culprit! Releasing guides or energies that are not a part of the reality chosen by the body and soul can be most helpful. This allows the guides and angels that are in current time and are in tune with your heart's desire to create your world with you, and not be having to elbow out of the way all those other guides left over from choices not made in the past.

For more information on the subjects I (and Atamira and Archangel Michael) have touched upon, please see the free articles or sound clips of healings available on my website,

I look forward to seeing whoever feels drawn to be present in my workshops/healingsessions.

Blessings to all,

-Norma Gentile

Feel free to pass this onto anyone who you feel would benefit from reading it. And as always, you may subscribe to my monthly (or so) email newsletter which contains these sort of articles by dropping a note to me at

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