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The New Clear Light Energy

La Nueva Energía de Luz Clara
by Norma Gentile

reprinted from


I awoke on Nov 5, 2008 (the day after the US elections) sensing a new quality of energy. It was like a crystal clear clarity in the air. I felt that same amazing clarity the day after the inauguration in January as well. This quality of clarity brought with it an exuberant sensation of anything and everything is possible. It reminds me of what happens when you pull back on a slingshot, and the slingshot propels something forward instantly. The energetic pond in which I see the United States and the world choosing to bath themselves seems to have shifted just as quickly.

At the same time the quality of clarity that has come upon us does not stand alone. There are still energies that we are working with that feel heavy, legubris, and appear to be covered with psychic mucous. The heavier energies have stepped back from our psychic awareness, but they are still present in our world. I feel them most often around attempts to keep the status quo in place. This can be around the financial situation or global warming or most any other current issue that needs, in my opinion, thoughtful attention.

I have noticed a tendency in myself to want to turn away when I sense the heavier energetic quality of consciousness return. Regardless of the topic or situation, my body feels uncomfortable, and my natural urge is to get away from what is causing me the discomfort. I am realizing that my turning away means that my attention, and therefore my blessing and energy, are drawn away from the situation and the heavier energies that are acting upon it. What is left to act upon the situation is the quality of consciousness that the heavier energies represent.

While I may be more comfortable, withdrawing and disengaging is not the choice I am making now. Whatever light or compassion or stillness that my attention to a situation would bring to the energies around it is needed. This is not a war of light and dark or right and wrong or conservative and liberal. It is a time to let situations be empowered to unfold as they themselves would unfold. I firmly believe as we bring ourselves to ask internally how might a situation unfold, rather than telling it how to unfold, we add our blessing and energy to the peaceful and natural resolution that only Spirit can provide to each situation we face.


Clear vs. Heavy energies

I have grown up in a society that prides itself on working hard. I am finding that this new clear light energy feels "too good to be true". I am so accustomed to wading through my day and having to haul energies around (metaphorically speaking) that I suspect, deep down, I must somehow be cheating to feel so light and be accomplishing tasks so quickly and easily. My Italian guilt comes up and I wonder, shouldn't I be having to sweat and labor more? It just feels so unhabitual, all this easy forward motion and creation. My cultural upbringing keeps whispering that there must be something wrong.

When there is clarity around us, sometimes we are in more fear than when we feel a heaviness or thickness surrounding us. When things are heavy or thick around us our movement is limited, the amount of change we can make is limited, the amount of things we can do is limited. When we sense a clearness around us, the boundaries that we may have made by feeling the heaviness around us do not exist any more. Because of that, with this great expanse of clear energy, many of us might feel the urge to contract and move into fear.

We suddenly find ourselves in a place where there are no limitations. We experience a connection to the Divine that is also a connection of limitlessness. The limits and the boundaries that we have always thought we have had, no longer exist. As we move and experience clarity, a great deal of clarity, all of a sudden we can go much farther and faster than we have ever done before, and we scare ourselves.

We are like small children who are both thrilled by something and in the next moment startled and even a little scared by that same something. Imagine a child encountering a piano for the very first time. They push a key down and out comes this sound. It scares them the first time, but they go back, enthralled by the exploration of something new. The second time they push the key down they know what to expect. The third time they push a little harder, just to see what else might happen, and then they push it down repeatedly faster and faster, adding other notes as they go.

For us this next series of years up until and past 2012 is the same. It is seeing how far and how fast we can go in this clear energy. Startling ourselves, sometimes scaring ourselves, pulling back and then stepping forward again to see what will happen. New tools, new ideas and new ways of doing things will emerge from our innate, child-like curiosity.

We have been living in the heavy reality for a long time. The clarity that has come along with the shift may at times appear to reside. That is part of the process of completion. How we meet what feels heavy and outdated determines how long and how difficult it will be to finish this cycle into 2012. My guides, particularly Thoth, suggest that we don't try to push it aside, but engage those aspects of our own uncompleted past, so that as we move forward we do so easily and cleanly.

These energies are much easier to remove sooner rather than later. I imagine it is much like trying to wedge yourself through a doorway with a gigantic backpack on. It is so much easier to take it off before you get stuck in the doorway! As long as we are focused on trying to force ourselves through the doorway, we are missing the larger issue of needing to remove the backpack.

All those personal issues that we each carry in our own lives are coming up over and over for review. I find it takes more courage and personal attention for me to confront and make choices concerning my issues than to simply avoid them. It is far easier to simply tell myself that something is resolved, when I know it is merely out of sight for the moment.

As any of us continues to deny what we know must change, we also deny the blessing of our courage to change to others. Whenever one of us chooses to change, all of us sees and intuitively feels that shift. It reminds us of our true nature as Spirit, creating together in form. Each choice we make sends a signal out to others. Each choice we make impacts not just ourselves but our world. Choosing to live as Spirit in form was a decision our soul made. I wonder, how does your soul and my soul want to express now, here, into the beauty of the Earth?

My best and my blessings to each,




Copywrite 2009 Norma Gentile.


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