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This also appears in the September 1999 issue of
Sedona Journal of Emergence

posted 6/13/99

Time to merge Light and Dark


As we move more and more toward an awakened state of consciousness, each of us is faced with a broader range of experience of spirit. Although many describe the raising of consciousness in terms of 'white light', or working for the good of all, there is a missing aspect to this picture.

To start at the beginning, All-That-Is defines itself by all of the actions of its parts, not just some. Therefore, all of the actions within the earth plane and indeed the universe are constantly defining All-That-Is. With each action, regardless of the intent, All-That-Is receives a forward propulsion in its own growth.

With each action, this forward propulsion moves All-That-Is into a more thorough knowing of itself.

Here, within the earth plane, we are at a unique position, both in our physical location within the heavens, and as an energetic component of All-That-Is. For the past two decades we have been moving to integrate an aspect of the feminine within our planet. Now is the time to begin to integrate the masculine element, as it appears from the cosmic realm. Between July 24th and September 17 there is a window of potential which opens annually between the earth and the sirian sun. This line of connection allows for an influx of masculine energy from the cosmos, and offers us an opportunity to awaken the sacred masculine elements within ourselves and our planet.

Regardless of gender, each incarnate being possesses some amount of sacred masculine energy. Just as the Yin-Yang symbol contains a central point of the opposite quality in each half, so too do each of us contain as our center core the opposite pole of our major alignment. Therefore, those with a dominantly feminine alignment contain a masculine core, and those with a masculine alignment a feminine core.

Because of this both men and women have the opportunity to unify parts of themselves during this window of time. This window will open again each year, although its effect will diminish as we move away from the year 2000.

This process has a great deal to do with the motion we are making in this end of the universe to blend or weave together the extremes of polarity consciousness. This is a precursor to moving out of polarity consciousness and into what would appear to be more of a Unity consciousness. In the step you are taking now, seeing the ends of a polarity coming together to form a continuum is your primary goal. Secondarily you will experience the blessings and upliftment into the higher dimensions or ranges of consciousness that you anticipate. One such shift has occurred in the last days of May and opening days of June. This shift is one of several to help position you, as a planet, to take full advantage of the upcoming stream of masculine energy. At this point I expect this energy to take the form of an emerging masculine consciousness into the societal structures of your culture.

Much like the emerging sacred feminine energies of the past two decades were transformed as they ran through your bodies into various liberation movements (women's, gay and lesbian, those living in poverty), so too the rise of sacred masculine energies will transform your society. It would not be out of line to prophesize a stronger structure in your government, yet one that truly supports its citizens and cares for the earth. This masculine energy need not be afraid of other energies, and so will 'play' lovingly and gently with those energies that will follow it. Indeed, this masculine energy will 'coax' other less defined energies out of hiding and into your awareness. These energies will in turn assist you to manifest in form the lessons which will help you prepare for your upcoming transition.

There is a strong possibility that the external, planetary transition of 2012 will be invisible to many people, as it is already occurring within many people now. Dropping the division between light and dark, positive and negative, good and evil is the key.

For your society, this is very difficult. Even now, as new generations of children enter the planet who have been born without strong conceptions of polarity consciousness, you seek to place them into your cultural system of 'good and evil'.

Those born on the planet between 1972 and 1985 are the first wave of an ongoing series of generations who do not carry a genetic predisposition to polarity consciousness. That is, they do not carry an inherent sense of good and evil. Because of this, they are more apt to explore both sides of the continuum. They do not seek to actively inflict pain, rather they are seeking experience. By acting within both sides, they learn the reasons to choose the 'light' or 'dark' side. With each choice, they serve to relay this information back to All-That-Is. Any and all energies involved in their actions serve to inform All-That-Is about itself.

As we progress forward in time, each generation is expected to have a greater connection to source, or All-That-Is, and fewer ties with the third dimensional physical world. Each succeeding generation has a deeper innate sense of the transient quality of physical life, although they may not have a balancing sense of security in non-physical reality. That is, although they may perceive the physical to be unimportant, many of them may not perceive their larger connections to spirit and to other dimensions.

In this moment you as a nation (US) are poised to hinder this natural evolutionary process by enforcing cultural standards of 'good' and 'evil'. But it is the experience of both sides of the continuum, both light and dark, that allow you as a race to draw the connecting link between the poles. Without experiencing both sides, you cannot move beyond polarity consciousness.

Unity Consciousness might best be described as a phenomena that lies within the eighth dimension and above. Christ consciousness is an apt term for the experience of unity consciousness manifesting on earth. Anytime one person embraces both poles of any experience, Christ consciousness appears.

So by engaging both the good and the evil you not only experience, but actually bring the energy of Christ consciousness into the earth plane. And in exchange, All-That-Is grows through your actions.


To summarize: There is no such thing as evil, nor such a thing as perfection or white light without dark. These images come from trying to divide the poles of creation. How can you divide the pole of dark and light, expecting to take only the light? After all, visible white light can be divided into a rainbow of all colors, and yet the color black is the sum of all colors. Visible white light is invisible in space, until it reflects off of an object. Visible white light is never visible by itself.

Likewise, love is the action of any element upon another. How can you expect love to yield only happiness, and never pain?

It is with the greatest fondness for all life that we suggest that you not be afraid of the side of the pole that you have not fully embraced. Fear simply places a distance between yourself and your ability to distinguish that which is occurring around you. Love is the bridge. Take this opportunity to build possibilities within yourself, and with others.

With love and blessings for all,

-Norma Gentile

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