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The Christ Syndrom
(Releasing the Martyr/Victim)

by Norma Gentile

reprinted from
April 2000
PhenomeNEWS Magazine

In today's society we are taught to care for others. In fact we are praised for giving to the point of exhaustion. Eventually most of us realize that there will never be a lack of need in the world. That is, until we each care first for ourselves.

To play the Martyr is to play at the spiritual equivalent of Victim. You are giving up something in order for the 'good' to manifest. But you are ultimately giving up your own Spirit's choice. You are going against your own spiritual voice. Oftentimes we do this out of fear of another's reaction.

Is it more important to let the Divine flow through you, or to not rock the boat?

I believe that Spiritual Leaders are those who lead by example. Their internal rudder is their heart. They are aware of the external stimuli, but view it as a worldly consciousness of 'good' and 'bad'.

Remember the parable of the farmer whose only horse ran away? Then returned with a mate. The farmer's son then broke his leg when the new horse threw him. And so he wasn't conscripted into the army.

Who is to say that one event was good and another bad. In the larger picture everything works toward outbound perfection. An unfurling (literally) of creation. Isn't the galaxy expanding?

Now, consider in your everyday life how this expansion shows itself. When opportunities are offered, do you step forward into a growth cycle, or recoil, fearing to change patterns that involve others out of fear of offending or hurting them?

To the extent that you do not move forward into a new creative cycle, that cycle is not able to fulfill itself. That part of the physical galaxy which correlates to your expansion ceases to expand.

While one person choosing not to grow won't register on the total movement of the stars, just imagine the impact an entire planet of billions might have.

This is how one might view the past on planet Earth. In this particular galactic moment you are shedding the false government of beliefs built up around the incarnation of Jesus as Christ. You are choosing to move into your power, seeing Christ as a Spiritual Leader.

This is a crucial move to allow others to manifest in the ways that He did. As a result you'll see Christ-like powers developing in many, particularly in the children.

For adults there is the need to release the martyr/victim role, and its complementary roles of abuser/persecutor and savior/rescuer. We all play these three roles internally, and assign others in our lives to play them externally. These must be released in order for personal growth to continue.

Christ Consciousness has been defined as the release of polarity consciousness, which in life might look like the release of judgement around 'good' and 'bad'. It is also a sense of your personal identity as being one of Divinity, and shows itself in day to day terms as a sense of being worthy.

Finally there is the ability to see others as Divine (note that you see yourself as Divine first, then you are able to see others as Divine). This translates into daily living as seeing others as being capable of their own choices and actions, and as creators and resolvers of their own pleasure and pain.

When you are in your own heart's power you know yourself as the creator of your world, and co-creator with All-That-Is, with Christ, and of the Divine Heavens. The galaxy expands.

My love to all,

The Heart of Light is being taught in a series of workshops. Please see the itinerary for more information. You may also wish to read the original channeling on the Heart of Light from Atamira

Norma Gentile is a professional intuitive healer, teacher and singer. She offers private sessions of healing or voice coaching, as well as concerts and workshops of Hildegard's healing chant. Her latest CD is "Unfurling Love's Creation". She can be reached at (734) 483-2571 or her website:


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