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This also appears in the September 2001 issue of the
Sedona Journal of Emergence


The New Paradigm


Amano speaks:

Leadership in your day and age has a new face. It is no longer the dictatorship of the 18th century, nor is it the face of leadership that you refer to as "democracy". The democratic pattern is truly one of misleading the majority of people into believing that they themselves are in power. The reality is that the power is held between a chosen few, and in the case of the US, men, predominantly of a few family or heredity lines.

This has left the US with an interesting situation. The power is held within a contained set of DNA patterns. Each of these patterns has a set of beliefs, morals, etc as guiding principles. When and as your system of democracy sheds its adherence to these few families as leaders, it will also shed its dependence upon their beliefs, morals, and understandings of reality.

This will be yet another sign of your growth; your ability to maintain a conscious awareness while stepping into new realities.

For now, your limitations serve you as a race and as a planet. Stepping out of your current reality and into new realities, a number of them simultaneously occurring, would drive more men and woman mad. Literally, your brains cannot yet hold the possible repercussions of existing in a number of realities simultaneously. Therefore, a type of madness results in most who are subjected to this awareness of multiple realities.

At this time we wish to speak with you of the upcoming autumn, and into December of 2001. You are now witnessing a tumult in the political realm. Man after man (and a few women) are caught up in a series of contradictory actions. This is the revealing of your alternate realities.

You might consider multiples realities as more wondrous, but in effect the first step of understanding multiple realities is understanding your own human nature, and what you refer to as lying or falsehoods.

Your reality, as we see it from our 8th dimensional standpoint, is merely that which you think in your own mind. Therefore, as an example, if a man believes that his behavior with another woman is allowable, he is creating a situation whereby in his moment of belief, there is a reality created where his action is acceptable. Now, when his wife finds out about it, the reality she shares with him might not contain the same acceptance. In a very simple way, he has created two realities &endash; the one he shares with his wife, and the one he has with his mistress.

Each of these realities has a set of morals, beliefs, and assumptions about 'how things are'. Because of the manner in which you are created, you are always coming into agreement with each person in a reality. Which reality it is that you are agreeing to meet in is the key.

Have you noticed that there are times when friendships drop away? In part that is due to your needing to move out of a certain reality, out of a way of perceiving yourself, and being perceived by another.

As you move out of realities, you move away from their morals, beliefs, and understanding of who you are. As you embrace new friendships and new relationships, you embrace new realities.

Now, back to the political field.

In the next few months (today is July 13) you will undertake as a nation to build new bridges. In fact, you as a nation will begin to build bridges between a number of closely related realties. This will take the form of coalition building between the major political parties &endash; the word compromise is about to be very overused in your nightly news programs!

But what we wish to point out is the movement of spirit beneath this political motion. It is truly the motion of spirit, the flow of the presence of spirit awakening from within that is being honored, even by your politicians.

As you each step back from the assumption that it is 'politics as usual', you can facilitate this transition. Here are two things you yourself can do:

1. Watch your first flash of sensation when you are hearing something. That first initial 'off the cuff' reaction tells you about deep-seated beliefs that you have. Don't push them away &endash; ask if they are really your feelings, and let them move on to where they can continue to learn and grow, or transform themselves by moving into current time.

2. Support your political leaders. Right or wrong, in your reality, is no longer valid. Are you praying/supporting them to grow and reveal the highest aspect of spirit they each can?

This fall is a turning point in the spiritual and political landscape. As we have said, from our vantage point we are anticipating a renewal of interest in working together by the major political parties. This will in turn lead to the recognition of alternately functioning realities.

We don't anticipate that this functioning simultaneously in several realities will be thought of in these terms by most people. We introduce it here merely as a way to begin, with your three dimensional minds, to comprehend what we view as a multidimensional process.


Atamira speaks:

On the emotional side you will see many eruptions, much turbulence in your relationships, particularly the end of September and into October. A massive release of emotional energy allows for the most direct and impactful changes to occur worldwide. That is what we are seeing.

As you, particularly in North America, have the ability to learn and grow very rapidly from your experience, it is possible that this emotional release will be tempered by your actions in the earlier part of September.


Amano speaks:

The process of leading is affected greatly by the fall's emotional release. In fact, it is this release of energies that opens your minds, on a shared level of energy, to experiencing multiple realities.

Eventually you will understand such concepts. For now it is unique to find someone who knows that your Christ walked many paths in the garden of Gethsemane. From here he died, and did not die, at Golgotha. Your moonwalk did and did not occur. Your president did and did not get elected (well, that one is more nearly understood as both realities commingle now).

You get the idea. Things are and aren't as they appear. Only your net of beliefs which holds your intelligence into your physical brain determines how you perceive things. The glass appears half full or half empty, as you would say.

As you move away from the handful of leaders you have today, you will move out of their shared belief grid. You as a nation will begin to function through a much larger number of belief grids &endash; and eventually shift even that situation.

The brain is composed of a number of vibrational levels. Each level can operate simultaneously. These levels might be seen as dimensions at the moment, but they can also lie within the same dimension (8th level of the 3rd dimension and 4th level of the 3rd dimension, for example)

When the brain acts, as you put it, interdimensionally, there is a resonance set up between two or more of these vibrational levels or dimensions. The patterning of the energies resonates at all of these levels, allowing information to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously, and allowing this information to be active simultaneously.

This is what is new to us all. Previously information (or the moment of an action) moved almost imperceptibly instantaneously across dimensions. But not simultaneously. It is similar to when your brain perceives something now - it takes some amount of time for both halves to react.

What we are saying is that in this way your brains simulate the current multidimensional reality. There is a brief, nearly imperceptible, time which elapses between the moment of action and the moment of result.

However, the possibility that you as a planet now create for all of us is the reality of simultaneously relating to more than one dimension.

This is the largest gift yet to come from humanity. The repercussions of this action of belief and creation occurring simultaneously across multirealities are of primary interest to a multitude of beings.

We are watching, and waiting.

Our love to all who read this,
Amano and Atamira

Norma Gentile is a singer, teacher and clairvoyant healer specializing in sound healing through the Heart of Light. Her healing recordings include Unfurling Love's Creation, chants by Hildegard of Bingen, and Meditation Chants of Hildegard.

Norma is now leading a series of workshops across the country based on Sound Healing and the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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