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Posted 4/17/99   

From time to time I receive spontaneous information.
This is what I have on the situation with Kosovo.

I am being shown that the Kosovo region (including Yugoslavia, Macedonia, and Albania) accepted a range of collective emotional energies(anger primarily) from the US (also Canada, other prosperous countries) in mid to late Feb. This was done with the agreement, on an unconscious level, between most of humanity incarnate on the earth.

Part of the picture is that the people in the Kosovo region are more connected with the earth than the US, and are able to run this energy and be in the drama without losing themselves.

This anger was building in the US - and had it had no physical outlet within the bodies here. If we had kept it the world repercussions would be much more wide spread, maybe turmoil and breakdowns in major corporations world-wide, etc. As it is, I am seeing that the Kosovo situation is working out this anger on behalf of the world, so that some can stay focused on using a new wave of energy/power for spiritual awakening, a wave which I think has the potential to awaken business/financial structure.

This anger energy has an inverse relationship to some energy that I can't define at the moment (although it looks 'off-world') which in turn is inversely related to the stock market energy. So as the stock market climbs, so too does this type of anger.

I don't see the stock market as being 'real' - the energy of it looks like an egg shell with no insides! So I don't understand the seeming importance of maintaining it intact, although again I am told that this provides space for us (US, Canada, etc) to incorporate energies coming into the planet into our spiritual makeup.

I am also seeing two intrusions from other dimensions - like ET's. One seems to be watching it all, the other is actually intervening and creating more conflict in Kosovo. Because this is not done with the agreement of all of humanity (which I define as incarnate humans at this time) those not in agreement seem to be siding with the ETs.

The ETs are doing this not above the region, but are located on the opposite side of the planet, just below the equator. On Monday, April 13, several friends assisted me in setting a surrogate group Mer-Ka-Ba which was released to "go where it was most needed." It went to where I was seeing the intervening ET group. We toned, and all agreed that we felt different afterwards. We felt that something had been shaken loose, cleaned, and sown together.

In late Feb-early March I noticed a wave of grief that many people were dealing with. It seemed to lift, and I feel it is coming back now. However, this time it feels that it is coming back from within the mass unconsciousness (morphogenetic field?) of humanity. I suspect it will well up from within this mass unconscious and into the conscious realm in the next few days. I believe that there will be someone passing on or an accident or some such thing that will create this opening within the US. However, the energy is actually related to Kosovo. I was taught that when emotional energies move, there tends to be a denial-anger-grief-coming to terms cycle. (I may not have the order right - if you know for sure please email me).

What I see is that Kosovo is working on the anger, we get the grief. I think this is part of a major Spring Cleaning that needs to happen because humanity's emotional realm needs to be much clearer. This is because as we move collectively closer to the 4th (and 5th) dimension we create through what we unconsciously are running as emotions. If seeing 'through a lens, darkly" is difficult, imagine what would happen if each of our thoughts created our daily, physical life, but through this same lens.

I suspect that the next two spring equinoxes will be similar, but with other emotions or beliefs to clear.

-Norma Gentile

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