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July 2000 Eclipses

June 2000

From Atamira-

July is a month of many shifts and changes in both your own psyche and that of the planetary consciousness. The three eclipses that this month contains are but a mere hint of what is to transpire on a cosmic level.

July is a month of contrasts and transformation. It is the very act of comparing opposites, which is precisely what the first two eclipses provide for us, that allows us to choose new and hitherto unexplored territories.

The first of the three eclipses is a partial solar eclipse, occurring on July 1st. This eclipse brings with it the opening of the door to the masculine power which resides in each of us.

This power has been alternately abused and hidden: Abused in worldly circles of industrial magnitude, usurping the feminine and pushing the world to a point of ecological collapse.

It has been hidden by religious communities, fearful of the revelation of the true sacred masculine, which illuminates the presence of God within each person, and so nullifies the need for exterior authority to reach the godhead.

During the planetary alignments of early May we had the opportunity to release our fear and the emotional pain and guilt around both being a victim and victimizing others. This release of energy allows humankind to explore and embrace the new sacred masculine energies of the first eclipse of July.

To the extent that anyone has released and transformed their energies relating to victim-hood, they now have the capacity to embrace their own true power of masculine divinity. It is fear of the profane version of this masculine power that inhibits one from embracing the sacred aspect of masculine power.

As one releases their role as victim, they also release their role as persecutor. And so we each release our need for the external masculine, the external power, the external god. We acknowledge our own responsibility for our creations, and hence our own ability to re-create using our own power.

On a physical level, we would suggest that for several days before and after the eclipse you meditate on three qualities of the sacred masculine that you admire. Start by considering those men that you know, and imagine seeing in them the emergence of their sacred natures. What one or two things in each of them do you most cherish?

By doing this you come into agreement with the newly emerging sacred aspect of themselves, and help to draw it forth into the physical world, and into their day to day life expression more firmly.

Operating as we all do in a world of mirrors, how might these qualities be reflected in your own wishes, desires and actions?

Likewise, what elements of the women who surround you would you most like to bring out more? This would be the consideration for the following eclipse on July 16th.

As you consider gently, in your heart, the qualities you most admire and find resonance with in others, you are affirming those very same qualities within yourself. As you look at another's love, know that your view of it is only made possible by your own loving nature.

From Amano -

The month of July, particularly at the outset, may well be one of the more difficult times thus far. The opening of the month is likely to be characterized by earth movements such as volcanic eruptions and small earthquakes. These are merely indications of the larger movements of group consciousness that are taking place.

As each of you is releasing and moving into the new energies of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine that are truly your divine nature, the groups that you dance with in the upper fourth and even fifth dimensions will shift. And so these shifts are mirrored here on earth as gentle physical adjustments.

Some of you may find the beginning of the month of July particularly stressful. The masculine energy is so very new to this planet, at least in its release to the general population. For this reason we are buffering the release of this energy to the greatest extent possible, so that the movement this energy inspires might truly be one of divine direction.

The softness of the lunar eclipse in the middle of the month will abate much of the motion of the first eclipse and its release of the sacred masculine energies. As a result actions begun in the first week of July are apt to slow significantly by the end of the second week, especially if they are based on worldly gain or the 'chaotic frenzy' associated with profane adaptations of the sacred masculine energies.

In contrast, those ideas and projects undertaken with an acknowledgement and inclusion of both the energies of the sacred masculine and divine feminine will flourish, particularly in the final full week of July.

There is a strong galactic portal opening the evening of July 24th and into the early morning hours of July 25th- (US time). This portal allows the resonance of these energies, the sacred masculine and divine feminine, when used together, to create and manifest in a unique manner.

It is almost as if by using the possibilities of methods of creation that exist in upper dimensions that one can set aside the physical and cultural laws that bind creative impulses on this planet during these days. One who is still, and creating out of love and of balance, can and most probably will assist in creating the new reality of which you are constantly speaking. This one need not only be a single person, but may be groups of people, united in a deeper fashion by group consciousness, resonating in their friendships here in earthly form, and with their spiritual kinship in galactic energies.

From both Atamira and Amano-

We would urge each of you to explore new parts of yourself as the eclipses swing between the two poles of masculine and feminine. This exploration is what leads to the drawing together of energies for this magical time of creation July 24-25.

Finally we would address the third eclipse. Not to be left out, this eclipse is apt to be felt less in terms of emotional and mental extremes than the first two. This partial solar eclipse on July 3oth begins the first of another series of eclipses which act something like ocean waves gently cresting on the shore. Each of these waves brings the release of more ranges of sacred masculine energies to those incarnate on the planet.

These energies will be moderated by a 'timed release', similar to a wave gently running up the sandy seashore. So for the wave of July 31st, sacred masculine energy will be released into next October. Likewise there are two more 'waves' of this type, Dec 25-26 of this year, and June 21, 2001.

This last eclipse of June 21, 2001 is very notable, in that the energy released will include three additional new energy currents. Much like the planetary alignment of this past May, the energies at play during the summer solstice total solar eclipse of 2001 have the potential to be strongly experienced by those incarnate.

There is still the possibility to open the window of time further on the event of June 2001 so that it need not be so abrupt for humanity. Part of the opening of the window of time for this event will be given this October, not just to this channel but to many who heal, each in their own way, for this is a planetary event.

Our love and blessings to all who read this,

Atamira and Amano


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