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Your inner peace Angel

Atamira and Norma Gentile

August 4, 2001

It is my own belief that when we connect with angelic guides or beings, we are ultimately acknowledging and honoring another, larger, more loving and omniscient aspect of our own Higher Self.

Those aspects of ourselves are with us at all times. It is we who choose whether or not to acknowledge their presence. My guide, Atamira, describes herself as part Hathor. What that means is that she has evolved as a part of myself that also exists outside of my physical world.

One day, several years ago, I was viewing a video of a workshop given by a friend. I admired his ability to access different energies around his head and body according to the moods that were in the workshop. He moved easily from delivering linear information to a heartfelt consideration of a question.

As I endeavored to create a similar easy flow while teaching, I became of aware of energies, which I now know as guides, shifting in and out of my body and aura. The more I relaxed, the more they supported me, and the energies and ideas moved among the participants more easily.

Over time I've come to believe that we all have the ability to move with angelic worlds, keeping our feet firmly planted in this earth. We need not trance or journey to far off dimensions or planets or cities to attain a deeply spiritual experience. The experience of communion with All That Is, with the Universe, and with ourselves, is in every moment.

Channeling, or connecting with guides or other spiritual beings, is merely a turning to acknowledge the loving presence of that being as a part of ourselves. As I acknowledge Atamira, I feel her surround me. As I surrender to her gentle embrace, my body relaxes, and my heart opens.

Much like meeting a good friend for lunch, I look forward to our time together each day. She helps me weave together pieces of information that I already have, but hadn't considered in relation to one another.

Do we have guides for other activities? Absolutely. I believe that Higher Self parts of ourselves assist us in everything, from repairing bicycles to completing mathematical equations. Authors and composers often refer to their 'muse' as being with them as they write each day.

How often have you thanked some seemingly external force for a choice that you made which turned out to be most helpful? Perhaps it was as simple as taking a different route homeward, avoiding a traffic jam, or maybe it was in trying a new restaurant, only to run into an old friend.

Those that support us from the 'other side' do so because they enjoy it. They relish those times that we do fully turn to them, and ask for assistance. They are the angels that minister with God, with All That Is, and remind us of our total interdependence through Spirit.

As one example, try this: Sit still for a moment as you read. Follow the movement of your body in and down as you breath out. How far down inside of your body can you follow this motion? Where ever that point is, imagine how your body would feel if your inner peace angel were connected to you at that place.

Now simply feel how that area feels. Loose or tight, warm or cold or neutral. This is a 'before' picture, so let it be exactly how it is.

Continue to breathe in your normal manner. What one question has been on your mind lately? Breathe in and exhale, asking that question. Does that spot change? Does a picture or idea come to mind? Often times the answer will come as a reminder of something you already know, or a belief that is ready to be updated.

Chances are if you feel a small shift, a bit more tension or perhaps a sudden restlessness, you are onto something. One way that angels communicate with us is through our physical bodies. As you ask the question, your body is giving you the answer. Try asking the question in a different way. Oftentimes it is the question that needs to be changed, not the answer.

Angelic guides and beings surround and support us at all times. They speak to us in the gentle rhythms of our lives, through our bodies, our emotions and our minds. Seldom do they speak in full sentences or write entire novels without our conscious consent and input.

It is their love and respect for those of us in human form that allows them to connect to us. This same love is reflected in the honoring of our bodies, minds and hearts. Your angelic guides, aspects of your Higher Self, are always willing and awaiting your invitation to join your life. Try breathing a bit more, and meet them in the loving space of your heart.

-Norma, and Atamira

Norma Gentile is a singer, teacher and clairvoyant healer specializing in sound healing through the Heart of Light. Her healing recordings include Unfurling Love's Creation, chants by Hildegard of Bingen, and Meditation Chants of Hildegard.

Norma is now leading a series of workshops across the country based on the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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