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through Norma Gentile

from the
Sedona Journal of Emergence

A Personal Note: A client asked during a private healing session why I used the term 'the soul legally incarnating in current time' to connect with her soul. This led me to ask Atamira and Amano the same question. Here is their response. This seems particularly useful for parents of young children and for teenagers themselves to read.

We are not so much one single indivisible soul as a river of consciousness incarnating. From time to time tributaries of the river flow off in new directions, while other streams join the river.

The soul legally incarnating is another way of saying the soul who has dominion over this body. For when a soul incarnates, it calls down to the planet Earth and draws up those energies it most desires for this lifetime, forming those energies into physicality in the womb.

On occasion there is a joining with streams from another consciousness other than our own. We might do this to further our own experiences or explorations in this lifetime. Remember, most of us over 30 incarnated at a time when the direction of the planet wasn't what it is now!

Those under 30 years of age tend to play with streams of consciousness not proper to their soul as a means of entertainment. For them the world is nearly risk free. True, this is due in part to their youthful perception, but also in part because their connection to spirit lets them know the shallowness of the physical world. For them inviting inside of themselves other energies or consciousness is a form of exploring their internal energy world.

For those born since 1972 the internal world is much more real than the external physical world. For them the world of energy on the inside is their world. By playing and learning to manipulate the energies inside of themselves, including mental and emotional energies, they are learning how to create reality. This reality will not exist only within them, but all around them, and around us (potentially), in the form of a new Earth and a new physical reality.

This reality will be based on energy first, and form following. Now, one might argue that our current reality is already built on form following spirit, and I would agree. The difference in the new reality is its ability to nearly instantly translate thoughts and feelings into form. The form itself which is created, while appearing to be as physical form is in our world now, will be much more highly charged energetically. This will allow it to shift in appearance more readily according to your desires.

Here is where those born since 1972 come in. They are practicing the art of internal energy manipulation which is the essence of creation in the new physicality. Much like a small rudder steers a large ship at sea, so too the energetic components of our Heart of Light (and other aspects yet to be discussed) serve to create our desires in this new reality.

This is not that far off. In as little as 15 years you will be creating primarily from the heart space of desire and be aware that you are doing it!

For now it is the beginning of practice sessions. The first lesson is learning to create what you want, not what you think you should want, and letting others create at their own desire level and abilities.

Here is where you are most often stumbling. In seeing another create a stressful situation you run to help them. Those with some energetic knowledge even try to re-create the other's reality based on what they would like to see for the other person. In psychological terms this would be a type of rescuing.

As we have said before, true healing comes from looking upon another's pain and not solving it for them. Being with them is all that is necessary. Healing is a resonant act of spirit, not an aggressive or active movement.

What does the word compassion mean to you? What type of movement is inherent in that word? If you were to make it into a verb, what sort of motion would 'to compassionate' have?

This then is what we are saying: healing is an act of compassion, and act of being, an act of resonance.

Those that are under 30 are challenged not just by being trailblazers in a new energetic world, but also by those friends and family around them. The past principles of healing do not apply to this generation. For them healing the external is equivalent to placing them in safe rooms where they cannot harm their bodies. True healing for them must be approached from the energetic causal level internally.

Spirit is the one aspect of each physical body that is never harmed. It is from this level that healing can be drawn out for each person. Those children who have become entangled with other streams of consciousness need only to have their own soul resonate within to be drawn out more.

Since it is the soul which first called forth the earth energies to create a physical body, there is often the impulse for the body to return to those earth energies. This can be felt as an impulse to leave home physically, to be on the streets. Because there is so little green space available it is harder for those in the city to find their earthing energies.

Many times the streams of consciousness, which they have invited in are, those associated with drugs or violence. These consciousnesses have their earthly parallels in the artificial creations of the city &endash; the jangle of noise, the jumble of people, and the concrete that gives a shallow grounding.

Again, it is important to remember that we speak of things in both the spiritual and physical. Any energy that exists in spirit also exists in form. So anything, even the city's noise, pollution and concrete have spiritual energetic forms.

Those under 30, being able to bring in and play with energies, have included all energies in their play. It is only by experiencing their creations that they have a means of understanding what it is that they have done. As they recognize which energies create what, then they will be able to steer their creations in a manner that supports the type of creation they desire.

This is not to say that all will choose to create ease and joy. But there are those that will choose to create and support loving connections with All-That-Is. Many of them are busy learning how to do that now. Just as one needs to know which way to turn at an intersection, these children are learning now what it is that each energetic direction creates in their worlds.

May all who read this have the deepest understanding possible through their own soul and heart.
My love to all,



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