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How do we create healing?
(an introduction toThe Heart of Light, which is an aspect of the Universal Heart)

by Norma Gentile

October 24, 1999

Although I spend much of my time listening to healing guides during sessions, I realized that I have never simply asked them to tell me about the process. Here is what one, Atamira, has said:

Healing is looking at a false pattern with a sense of allowing it to be exactly as it is. That it need not move or change in anyway. This is the basis of healing. This is unconditional love.

When anyone, or any vibrational pattern of energy, or even any behavior is observed in unconditional love, it is held within a space of compassion that exists within the beholder's heart.

This is not necessarily either the thymus or traditional heart chakra, but a space of infinity that exists between them.

This space is opened when the lower hart chakra resonates in compassion with the earth tone or vibrations. The upper heart chakra, the thymus, responds at a harmonic level of vibration. It is the sounding together of both upper and lower Hearts that literally opens an energy portal. This portal has been described in your literature as unconditional love, as Infinite Compassion, or can be personified by Bodhisattva.

This state of being is not limited to a chosen few, but is becoming more available to all. Many people on your planet today experience this. Most of these people do not consider themselves enlightened beings in the traditional sense, although they do have an understanding of their own personal mastery.

It is pleasure, the enjoyment of Life, and the expression of Life in enjoyable fashions that nurture your conversion with this emerging portal of Compassion within the Universal Heart.

Eventually you will learn, as a race, how to create and manifest into the earthly plane through this Heart. (Although probably not until a large part of your race has made the shift to the lower 4th dimension).

The ability to open this new Heart is the ability to recognize your place in the cosmos.

When you truly recognize your role in creating your life, you will have at hand the reins to fully create that which you most desire.

Your ability to desire as a populated planet is unparalleled in history. At no time on earth have so many incarnate beings desired so much! Not only in the way of physical objects, but in what we in the spiritual realms perceive as a desire for fulfillment.

Each time one of you wishes for something, it is felt by the spiritual realms. We respond not only to the form of the desire, but to the underlying causal factors. Most of the time the casual factors create the response which forms in your reality. Hence the warning in the phrase 'careful, you might get what you asked for'.

Money is a great issue with all of you. It is the one thing that your world most frets over. The quality of manifestation behind money is one of fear. And so, often when people ask to manifest money it is based in fear, and comes forward on that energy. In time this creates an economy (on a personal or national level) based in fear. Every time more money is needed, there is a trade off to accommodate more fear at unconscious levels of the individual or society.

Now, money and wealth can be created without fear. Imagine being totally fulfilled and satiated. Not just with wealth, but with sensual qualities also. It is here that your culture most lacks fulfillment. As a society overall you have substituted money for sensuality. While money can buy you sensual experiences, you cannot absorb these experiences.

Your 2nd chakras, to use your terminology, lack a series of connections to the elementals (energies based in your physical reality). They are severely underdeveloped and can not break down and sort much of the energies that are involved in fulfillment. For this reason your culture finds itself swirling in a glut of fast food which gives instant but not complete satisfaction, and sexual relationships which calm a craving but do not actually help people to develop or fulfill true desire.

When you create out of true desire you are creating out of your alignment with the universal. One way of symbolizing this is to note the alignment between mind, emotions and body with the universal.

In sacred geometry, there are spheres that center around the head, heart and pelvis. Each of these spheres contains the vital force behind creative impulses.

For the head it is the mental &endash; the ability to focus and to lead intent outward in expression. For the heart it is emotions &endash; the ability to feel the distance between what is now and what is desired. This is the crude energy that fires creation. For the pelvis it is the physical &endash; the ability to hold the discomfort which may arise from encompassing two poles, that of having and that of not having what you desire, within the same space.

As you hold each of these three vital life forces within yourself you unconsciously (or consciously) invite your connection with the universe, with what you consider the divine to enter. For some this is done in meditation, for others in their dreams. It matters less the method that you use than the quality of surrender you offer to the divine universal stream of creation.

It is this quality of surrender that allows your desires to be integrated into the network of universal creation.

And so, as you see, the universe does provide what you ask for. You need only to open your heart, open your desire, and allow it to flow through your being. This is the great challenge before your culture (the industrial nations). To the extent that you develop this ability you will find the elevated currents of next spring quite thrilling, and be able to welcome them with enthusiasm.

My love and blessings to all,



Norma Gentile is both a professional singer and trained healer. She lives near Ann Arbor, where she shares private healing sessions and coaches voice. Her recordings of medieval chant by Hildegard von Bingen, Meditation Chants and Unfurling Love's Creation, are the basis of her concerts and workshops.

For more information on the Heart of Light see the
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Norma is now leading a series of workshops across the country based on the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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