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Healing through
The Heart of Light

by Norma Gentile

As a clairvoyant, I 'see' energies around people. Often these energies lie close to the body, but sometimes they exist 5, 10 or 20 feet away from our bodies. Being knowledgable in mathematics, music and healing, it makes sense to me that I am interpreting energies in terms of Sacred Geometry. If I were Buddhist, no doubt I would be seeing Lotus petals, and having an understanding more akin to the Eastern philosophies.

I suspect that this new heart energy, which I know of as The Heart of Light, is being born globally in many different people and traditions, each of us speaking in our own tongue. With this in mind, I invite you to consider my words, and let your own understanding develop naturally from within..

The Heart of Light symbolizes an emerging quality of loving and active compassion. It is shaped as a stellated icosahedron, and often appears in meditation and dreams as a luminous white or violet form, lying on a deep purple or star filled background.

This form exists in various sizes throughout your aura or lightbody. It is about the size shown in the photo above when it lies in the heart-space of the chest. A larger version of it, which is 50 to 60 feet in diameter, lies well outside of your physical body.

The stellations, or tips of the Heart of Light, provide points to which various energies, including angelic guides, may be drawn. This provides a direct and intimate connection with such life energies for those of us in form.

I first noticed the large version (up to 60 feet wide) of the Heart of Light when coaching singers and professional actors. They would 'light-up' the entire room when they spoke or sang. I noticed that by drawing their attention to it, they could change the quality of the energy in the room or auditorium with their thought.

In looking at it myself on a clairvoyant level, I saw that they were calling in different angelic guides or beings who attached onto the points of the Heart of Light. Each being then let its essence flow into the room. In this way each actor or singer became a 'channel' for spirit.

Over time I have learned to help others discern how to use this to heighten healing within their own practices, without taking additional energies through their own bodies. It can be as simple as learning how to let angelic healing guides be present and 'ride' on our voices, gently providing unseen yet tangible support for another's healing process as we speak with them.

This is what I teach in the Heart of Light workshops. It is also how I invite all those present to help create a sacred healing space during my concerts of chant by Hildegard von Bingen.

I am singing a series of these healing concerts across the US which are exploring new aspects of ourselves and our world. Each concert is unique, allowing the healing energies of music to 'play' with those present during the concert.

For those that attend the concerts, they well experience an opening and unfurling of new areas of their hearts, particularly the Heart of Light, in both men and women. This serves to encourage the unfolding of a new sacred power which nurtures and supports all life.

People often ask me why I use Hildegard's songs from nearly 900 years ago in my healing work. Much like the framework of a house supports the final home, .I find that Hildegard's music provides a structure through which spirit, or angelic guides, move. Her music provides a sacred space into which healing is poured. Those present may bath in that loving presence, opening and welcoming it into their hearts, as much as each finds it appropriate.

This music, and the angelic guides that are present, never inflict themselves. Rather they can only be invited into one's heart. The art of healing is one of resonance. As spirit moves through the room upon the tones which are sung, we each have the ability to respond or not.

The term 'concert' originally meant 'to draw together into agreement'. With that in mind, I invite the audience to hum gently on some of the chants, allowing their voices to open and activate their own Heart of Light. These tones also provide harmonic support and often include overtone chant. My collection of Sacred Singing Bowls from Tibet complete the evening.

Those who attend are welcome to add themselves into creating this sacred space by bringing an item to place on a central altar space for the evening. Each is welcome to participate as they feel most comfortable: singing, meditating, or receptively listening.

The gentleness, subtly and profoundness of the Heart of Light healing space cannot be described by words. When true sacredness is found, one releases judgements around unworthiness, and accepts a direct and intimate loving awareness of spirit. I welcome all who wish to join me in deepening this connection to our own divinity.

My blessings to all who read this,
-Norma Gentile

The Heart of Light is being taught in a series of workshops. Please see the itinerary for more information. You may also wish to read the original channeling on the Heart of Light from Atamira

Norma Gentile is in Tucson for a week as part of her nation wide tour. She is a singer, teacher and clairvoyant healer specializing in sound healing through the Heart of Light. Her healing recordings include Unfurling Love's Creation, chants by Hildegard of Bingen, and Meditation Chants of Hildegard. She can be reached through email

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