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The Heart
of Humanity

by Norma Gentile (with Atamira)


The heart is a wonderful place. In it lie a bevy of emotions, or possibilities of expression.

One such expression that we often see coming into form is that of anger. Anger usually doesn't erupt out of nowhere. It is an expression of substance violation. It is the expression, from the very core of our being, that states unequivocally when our mental, emotional, physical or being boundaries have been breached.

In the expression of anger we are throwing back energies that have been placed within our personal spiritual space. These energies can be implied or directly visible. Someone standing too close is a violation of our intimate physical space. Someone assuming that we will do something is an equally intrusive violation of our space.

More and more we are becoming aware of ourselves not just as humans but also as beings. Respecting the energetic boundaries of beings is much more difficult. These boundaries are more often invisible. Slowly, we each are learning how to say 'ouch!' when a boundary is crossed. And we are learning to say it more and more creatively.

This is a major component of the growing concern over the 'war on terrorism'. More than a physical war, it is also an energetic violation. As with all physical violence, it begins with energetic violation and non-honoring of the being within others.

The connection that all humanity shares allows for the violence of any war to be experienced by all humans. This is perhaps the saving grace for humanity. Even those perpetrating violence know that what they do is felt everywhere. In this fashion those who would seem to desire to destroy peace actually cause it to arise. For at some level of consciousness we each know our interconnectedness, and at this same level we strive to create the clarity of loving connection.

The information web into which each human is plugged is becoming more and more active. This is a part of the ongoing clearing of the heart and throat areas of the body. Each season that passes brings a greater opening to spirit, especially in these areas of the body.

The heart is known for its healing energies. The throat is also capable of great healing, primarily as the 5th, or throat chakra, provides a space through which connections to others form.

These connections with others sometimes need to be updated, or even removed entirely. This is a function of illness &endash; to allow the cords that have formed at charkas to be removed or changed. It is understandable then that the heart and throat charkas would be important areas for continual renewal.

This spring marks the beginning of a new cycle of energy for the planet. This is the opening of the cycle of energy that we will be in for nearly a decade. This is the energy of transformation that many have spoken of around 2012. Whereas before this transition was seen as tumultuous and chaotic, we are sensing that is no longer true.

In large part due to the steadiness and loving care of many, we as a planet are holding each other in a safety grid. This grid is in part the web of interconnectedness that we share as members of humanity. It is in a larger part the spiritual fibers of our beings, joined together in a web of higher consciousness. This web is in reality neither conscious nor unconscious, but an ongoing expression of the value of life within and upon the planet.

As members of the human race, we each have access to this spiritual web, and it is our choice whether or not to let ourselves rest into it.

Simple things let us enter into the range of thought, emotion, and being where this web exists. Giving notice to the gentleness of our breath, appreciation to a fellow co-worker, or meeting another's eyes are all ways in which we acknowledge and enter into this space of spirit.

As more and more of us live in this space, the interconnectedness of us all becomes stronger. And as that happens, it becomes more and more difficult to find the separation needed to wage war upon another. The oneness of all lets even the most minute pain be known by all. That same oneness transmits the greatest joys also. And so the shared heart of humanity is healed.


Blessings to all who read this,

-Norma Gentile (Atamira)


Norma Gentile is an intuitive healer, professional singer, and teacher. Her recordings include "Meditation Chants of Hildegard von Bingen". She teaches others how to magnify their own intuitive and healing skills with energy, sound and movement. She can be reached at or 734-330-3997.

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