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 The Gift of the Sacred Masculine


The world as we know it today is built primarily on the profane masculine. This is a collection of energies which are thought to triumph over vulnerability, flexibility and creativity. No longer can this be.

As the capitalism around us collapses, what truly is falling away are the concepts built on the false masculine. What is arising are collectives of conscious creation, based on the vary ideals that the profane businesses abhorred.

On the inside, we each are shedding these same bonds of the false masculine. They appear to us as beliefs about who we are and how we ought to relate to others. They haunt us as the 'shoulds' and 'ought to' that we hear. Our primary task at hand is to allow ourselves to hear these words, these sensations, and ask ourselves if obeying them truly lets us be the servant of creation that we came here to be.

The sacred masculine is arising within each of us. In women it is the power to survive, and to feel worthy of life. In men it is the strength to forgive. Odd isn't it, that the same quality has such different manifestations?

Living as we do in a world of polarity and paradox, we draw life-force from the continuum which lies between any two truths. That is to say, we live in the space between opposites, and in so doing, we draw the power of each truth into our lives. It isn't the dynamic of tension that we live upon, but the dynamic of change. As we grow deeper and deeper into each truth, and its opposite truth, we change.

The power that reveals itself as both worthiness and forgiveness is that which comes from the masculine face of God. Only when we stand in the spiritual side of ourselves can we feel forgiveness. Only when we stand in this same spiritual place within ourselves do we feel worthy of life. Strange isn't it, that two such different qualities come from the same source? But look closely within your heart, and you will experience how they meet in the middle ground.

Several years ago the power of the sacred masculine began to be felt in the earth. Because we know it as a primarily secular or worldly energy, we tended as a nation to translate it into what we knew. So as more sacred masculine energy came to the planet, we used it to 'make stuff' and 'to do things'. Now the question is, how can we 'make' and 'do' in a sacred manner, honoring the spiritual nature of this energy?

Even a decade ago this very thought would have seemed insane. Why question the ability to control nature, to make or do anything? Now we are more in tune and in touch with the multiple layers of the earth's ecological balance, as well as with the delicate political processes outworking across the globe. The balance of power does not lie in our hands, but in our hearts. Our abilities to heal the planet are internal. As we each embrace the power of our own sacred masculine energies, we offer a remembrance to others of a similar balance with spirit.

Judgment is a symptom of profane or worldly masculine energies. Fear may be a symptom of worldly feminine energies. Neither will create a sacred outcome.

The gift of the sacred masculine energies is the appearance of the sacred human. The sacred human knows that power is the inevitable result of alignment with his or her own spirit. The sacred human knows compassion as a life-force and doorway to reach others. Love is the action and natural result of the union of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine qualities within each of us. It is this fusion of male and female, of two opposing truths, that allows us to live in the space between. Here, in the in-between space, lies our ability to love ourselves. And as we love ourselves, the ability for others to love is awakened.

As a race of spiritual beings we are called to look upon one another with compassion and empathy. As a person, each of us is called to look within, to behold the ways in which we are constricting our own abilities to honor the voice of our sacred masculine and feminine natures. As we sit more firmly into these qualities within, the world will reflect what we have done. To heal the planet, to heal anything external to ourselves, we must heal that same issue inside of ourselves.

How would you feel if a group of your friends got together and decided what was best for you? Day after day they would send you gifts and messages telling you what to do and when to do it.

In many ways this is the experience we have when anyone 'sends' love and light. While the senders mean well, their idea of what love and light is limits the energy that is actually available coming to us. The broad spectrum of creation, the two opposite poles of Truth, are narrowed down to whatever the sender believes is appropriate for us. As a result, the person or situation is often smothered with good intentions. But these are not necessarily helpful energies.

Somewhat like a bonfire out of control, the energies of the sacred masculine unleashed on earth burn quickly through dry leaves. The area where the energy is the most intense is where it is most needed. Sending light and love is like placing mounds of newspaper on the fire. It may seem to quell the flames for a while, but in time the newspaper becomes fodder for the fire, and it erupts even larger and stronger than before.

So too the sending of energy into any situation will tend to quiet the emotional or political storm, only to have it erupt again later. The energies that were sent as light and love get pulled into the situation and literally become a part of the fire. These energies then must be processed out in the situation. As a result a small situation may grow larger and larger over time, never quite resolving.

Here is the gift of the sacred masculine to our planet at this time. Rather than continue to use our power of prayer as a tool to create what we believe that we want externally, we are offered the chance to create what we desire for ourselves.

When we create something for ourselves we are not being selfish. Rather, we are exhibiting the quality of a sacred creator &endash; we create without enforcing our desires on another. We create because it is our heart's desire to create something. And strangely enough, when we do this we enter the universal dance with others who are creating alongside of us. When we create purely out of our own desire, we always create out of the desire of spirit. When we create out of the desire of spirit, how can we create something not in perfect order with the creation of another spiritual being?

The gift of the sacred masculine is to allow us to dwell in a sense of humility, achieved through forgiveness, which allows the sacred feminine to enter into us. And with this, we see ourselves as worthy of the sacred power that we truly wield.

My love, power, and honor to all who read this,

-Norma Gentile (with help from my guide, Amano)


Norma Gentile is an intuitive healer working with sound. Besides singing meditation concerts and teaching workshops on sound healing, she offers individual healing sessions of both energy and information. For more information: 734-330-3997.

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