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Norma Gentile

The Gift of the Human Heart

posted September 18. 2003

from Norma:
Anger unexpressed turns back into the body. I'm seeing a deep level of pain being revealed in many healer's bodies. I believe that an archetypal or primordial level of rage and anger is emerging as physical pain. We are traversing a new and deeper level of the emotional range, because we are exploring a deeper home within our hearts.

This new range of archetypal emotions is embedded into our DNA. This is primordial emotional energy. We can't release it or process it in the usual fashion because it isn't an emotional energy from this lifetime or a series of past lifetimes. This is an energy which appears as emotional as it moves out of our DNA, but it is more closely defined as coming from the shared group consciousness of humanity.

This is not the same as the primordial dark energies that were pulled into this reality when Atlantis and our consciousness fell 13,000 years ago. But it is related.

Just as information and ideas move through the morphogenetic field of consciousness that links us together as humans, so too this energy moves through the shared field of consciousness into each one of us.

The alignment of the planets, and a much larger astrological event, are causing these energies to move out of the morphogenetic field and exit this plane of reality through our physical bodies. As the energy moves through each of us, it appears to well up from within our bodies. This causes extreme and oftentimes bizarre physical pain.

Here is the direct channeling from Atamira, a Hathor consciousness connected into the Maori of New Zealand, and Amano, a spiritual counselor to the Mayan Head Priest. Their combined energies usually provide information as well as healing energies laid into the words.

Why is this happening?

Because this energy is freeing itself from your reality. The gift it brings is to open and free up your hearts to feel a complete range of emotions. Each of your bodies is acting as an antenna to tune and draw through your physical form the quality of archetypal energy that will let you open your body to sacred power.

Up until now you have concentrated on the sacred feminine range of emotions &endash; now it is time to harness the power of the emotions of the sacred masculine. You as humans confuse the profane and sacred masculine. Anyone can express the profane. It is the most common expression of masculinity in your world. Only a master, such as the master that each of you strive to become, embodies the sacred masculine.

When you open your hearts you open to all of your emotions. Here is the gift humanity offers to all of creation; to open into the full range of possible emotional energies. Other races have a limited range of emotional energies. Yours is the broadest and most complete.

Whether you deem them good or bad, each emotion is a wavelength of energy. Stripped of judgment, and in some ways of the minor or lower mental webbing that encases the energy, emotional energy becomes simply that; energy. Raw energy, which can be used as building blocks.

As you as humans become more able to transmit these core energies, we as a universe grow. As you allow these emotions to move out from you, they clear and cleanse the physical distortions of the body caused by karma. For this reason you cannot release these archetypal emotional energies as you would energies of this or previous lifetimes. The archetypal emotions, when you let them move through you, heal the wounds and open your energy field to greater power.

Let us define for a moment what we mean by emotion. There are several levels of emotion. What we have been calling primordial or archetypal is the most fundamental. The day-to-day frustration or even happiness you feel is the least powerful, but most common.

What would be helpful to know about letting these archetypal energies move through us?

They come not as the gentle waves of energy to which meditators and healers are accustomed. Rather, at least initially, they come as body quakes, as digestive volcanic eruptions, and as tsunomic hormonal tides.


Because they emanate from the sacred masculine of your world of polarity. Actually they are beyond polarity, but in order to heal your planet, your precious and beautiful earth, you are using these energies to cleans and clear your bodies. As you clear your bodies, the earth no longer has responsibility to hold the emotional energies for your present and past lifetimes. The animals are also freed from holding emotional patterns for humanity. These energies are the most potent available to you from the cosmic mother/father.

Why are we feeling so many of the 'negative' emotions?

Because you are judging them, and holding back from expressing them. Rage clears out energy channels. Anger defines boundaries. Without these two elements the human energy field becomes amorphous. Your ability to determine your own energy quality apart from another's is lost. Therefore you are ineffective or unable to reflect other's energies out of your space. Rage, anger and a host of so called negative emotions are actually gifts of power wrapped up for you by spirit. Unwrap them, and you each receive your special gift.

Your mission is to create love within the container of honor, and to create life within the flask of adoration. As you do truly love yourself, you love each other. Honor and adore yourself first, and let these qualities make your arms strong, to embrace love.

a note from Norma:
As healers or spiritual counselors I wonder how much permission we are giving ourselves to express anger and rage? This is not to say to express it unthinkingly, but to allow ourselves to feel the emotion coming up, and find a safe place and a private time to explore it without having to edit it.

Do we prioritize our time so that we have this privacy? Do we seek out trusted friends and feel comfortable sharing unflattering emotions and behaviors with them? This is an ongoing musing I am having. I feel that the healer who heals themselves first heals others, and not a single client has to come through the door for this healing to occur. If we are connected by sacred grids of consciousness, then when any one of us steps through emotion into power, we each will feel it.

Our love and blessing to all who read this.
Atamira and Amano
through Norma Gentile


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