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Amano / Atamira
through Norma Gentile

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I have been asked to place this information in the public domain

 Full Moon and Solstice Information
for December 1999


(information from Amano and Atamira, light beings of another dimension)


The primary function of this celestial event is one of alignment and integration. The solstice symbolizes masculine energy, the equinox feminine. The magnification of lunar feminine energy bathing the planet through the door of the masculine solstice allows for the utmost integration of all polarities, be they male and female, physical and spiritual, or work and play.

This is a time to be aware of how you are shifting your life and creating within an effortless context. Notice those things which are simply coming to you as if with no effort, simply wafting on the wind. Here are examples of your growing ability to manifest spirit into your world.

channeled through Norma Gentile



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