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(What you could do with)
A Million Energy Dollars

by Norma Gentile

October 2, 2000

In the past when people called on me for healing assistance they asked me questions such as 'when will I meet a new boyfriend, or get a new job, or be healthy?'

Lately however, I've noticed a shift. The questions no longer infer that the universe is acting upon them, but that they are part of creating their own lives.

Common questions nowadays are: "How can I attract a new boy or girl friend?" "What do I need to do in order to find a better job?" "What does this disease have to do with behavioral, belief or emotional patterns that no longer serve me?" "What does having an uncomfortable relationship with my body or with another person tell me about myself?"

I believe that we have undergone a radical shift this past summer, from one of isolationism (the universe is out to get me) to co creationism (what I experience is the result of my own consciousness).

Years ago a friend showed me a book about interactions. It was based on viewing our actions as boomerangs. Sometimes the results come back quicker than other times. It is certainly easier to understand that what we think, do, or feel has an impact on others, which then they reflect back to us, when that reflection is immediate.

When I sat to write this column, I scanned the months of November and December. Nothing. All of my training and 'natural abilities' yielded no particularly interesting energies. In fact, it was void. Bad day to read energies? No. The void, the very lack of information told me that the overall broad experiences of November and December weren't set yet. Within my own world, I saw up to mid-October, then nothing.

As a channel for spirit, I am used to viewing events through the eye's of another. When I invite in healing guides, I remain aware to monitor and provide the human understanding to the guides. As a result, I am privy to the seeing unfolding of their life's cycle through the eye's of their guides. For each person who comes to me, there is a unique reason for their searching me out. Each session yields a new perspective on resolving and aligning life issues.

As a result, I have learned that when I see something, I am seeing only a small portion of it. When I invite guides in, I am seeing their portion of it. If I use different guides, I get a different perspective.

In viewing November's energies, I am aware of a point of choice about mid-way through the month. This point is apt to show up for most of us as a building up of energies in the early part of the month. Frustration at a lack of something, especially forward momentum in projects, would be a primary ingredient.

Left unexplored, this frustration could overshadow much of December and part of January. I suspect that this is the choice point. By choosing to simply stay in the frustration, you choose to release your personal energy and experience yourself as a victim of the situation.

If for whatever reason a soul needs to experience this pattern it will want to take advantage of this opportunity. Once humanity reaches a certain threshold of energy awareness in 2004 or 2005 it will be increasingly more difficult for people to have the experience of isolation from source that self-pity and victimization require.

However, should you choose to acknowledge your part in creating and responding to the energies of early November, you also choose to have the ability to do something about them.

This choice means that you can use these energies to sculpt your own world. What would you do with the equivalent of a million energetic dollars? This is the energy potential of the holidays, and of the eclipse (the evening of December 25th) placed squarely into your own hands.

Just as I open myself to channel spiritual energies, each of us has the ability to connect with spirit. The only question is, to what do you connect yourself?

My own experience is that all guides are merely reflections of the I AM within each of us. Those that work through me, particularly Atamira, cradle those of us on the planet with tender mercy. There is never a sense of judgement, no matter what we might choose.

The only reason I continue to open to them is that feeling of peace, of steadiness, of silence full of an inner symphony of music that I experience more fully while they are with me. And yet I know, absolutely, that it is merely my own self turning to see myself. They are my inner source, being acknowledged

My blessings to all who read this,

-Norma Gentile
(with a little help from Atamira and Amano)


Norma Gentile is a singer, teacher and clairvoyant healer specializing in sound healing through the Heart of Light. Her healing recordings include Unfurling Love's Creation, chants by Hildegard of Bingen, and Meditation Chants of Hildegard.

Norma is now leading a series of workshops across the country based on the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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