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Easing into Change

June 2000

It is often said that life is change, but there are times when I would gladly welcome a little less of it. While I don't feel the astrological influences as strongly as some people, I do find myself checking on whether or not my 'bad' days happens to coincide with a major planetary alignment, eclipse, or similar phenomenon. More and more often they do.

So here are some words of encouragement and ideas for all of us who are noticing that planetary, solar and lunar cycles affect us.

July is a month of contrasts and transformation. Did you realize that we will experience three eclipses in this single month? That's one every other weekend. And there is also the opening of the Sirian Portal, which is a fancy way of saying that our sun and the Sirian sun line up in a way that 'opens' the line of energetic communication between ourselves and our 'father' energy, Sirius.

Now what does all this mean? Typically that you may find yourself moving from one aspect of your personality to the exact opposite, all within a short span of time. You may find it helpful to slow down and consider decisions, rather than simply making them. It is always less stressful to 'go with the flow' rather than insist on an idea that no longer fits.

The first solar eclipse on July 1st brings with it the opening of the door to the masculine power which resides in each of us. It illuminates the presence of God within each person, and so nullifies the need for exterior authority to reach the godhead. During the beginning of the month you may wish to notice your own ability to connect with spirit and bring spiritual works into form heightened

For some this masculine energy may be uncomfortable. After all, this power, in its wordly form, has been alternately abused and hidden: Abused in order to build business' that do not serve humanity in wholesome ways, and hidden by those who feared losing their control over others.

It is fear of the profane version of this masculine power that inhibits one from embracing the sacred aspect of masculine power.

During the month of May I noticed an overall movement, particularly among women, to release any 'victim' energy, and stand up for our own needs, opinions, etc. As we each recognize and release our role as victim, we also release our those that perform the role of persecutor.

In this way we each release our need for the external masculine, the external power, the external god. We acknowledge our own responsibility for our creations, and hence our own ability to re-create using our personal power.

On a practical level, I suggest that for several days before and after the eclipse you meditate on three qualities of the sacred masculine that you admire. Start by considering those men that you know, and imagine seeing in them the emergence of their sacred natures. What one or two things in each of them do you most cherish?

By doing this you come into agreement with the newly emerging sacred aspect of themselves, and help to draw it forth into the physical world, and into their day to day life expression more firmly.

Operating as we all do in a world of mirrors, how might these qualities be reflected in your own wishes, desires and actions?

Likewise, what elements of the women who surround you would you most like to bring out more? This would be the consideration for the second eclipse on July 16th.

As you consider gently, in your heart, the qualities you most admire and find resonance with in others, you are affirming those very same qualities within yourself. As you look at another's love, know that your view of it is only made possible by your own loving nature.

The sacred masculine energy is so very new to this planet, at least in its release to the general population. For this reason the softness of the lunar eclipse in the middle of the month will abate much of the motion of the first eclipse and its release of the sacred masculine energies. In this way the movement that this first eclipse inspires might truly be one of divine direction.

.As a result actions begun in the first week of July are apt to slow significantly by the end of the second week, especially if they are based on worldly gain or the 'chaotic frenzy' associated with profane adaptations of the sacred masculine energies.

Before undertaking actions, you may wish to ask yourself if your chosen course is one that bring comfort to your body. If not, you may choose to put things on hold until after the second eclipse. It is the very act of comparing opposites, which is precisely what the first two eclipses provide for us, that allows us to bring forth new strengths and creative aspects of ourselves.

Those ideas and projects undertaken with an acknowledgement and inclusion of both the power of the sacred masculine and the blessing of the divine feminine will flourish, particularly in the final full week of July.

It is almost as if by using the possibilities of methods of creation that exist in upper dimensions that one can set aside the physical and cultural laws that bind creative impulses on this planet during these days.

One who is still, and creates out of love and of balance, can and most probably will assist in creating the new reality of which we are constantly speaking.

I urge each of you to explore new parts of yourself as the eclipses swing between the two sacred poles of masculine and feminine. This exploration is what leads to the drawing together of energies for the magical time of creation during the opening of the Sirian Portal, on the evening of July 24th and into the morning of July 25th. Here is a magical opportunity! Set aside time for yourself to meditate, listen to music, or take a walk. In this way your thoughts will have the most likelihood of 'catching' the cosmic wave.

Finally I will mention the third eclipse. Not to be left out, this eclipse is apt to be felt less in terms of emotional and mental extremes than the first two. This partial solar eclipse on July 3oth begins the first of another series of astrological events which act something like ocean waves gently cresting on the shore. Each of these waves brings the release of more ranges of sacred masculine energies to those incarnate on the planet.

What I conclude from all of this information is that we each are being entrusted with more and more of our innate power as co-creators. Whether we refer to our creative partner as God, Buddha, or All-That-Is seems unimportant. The fact that we are stepping up to the task of seeing God within ourselves, and in the eyes and hearts and actions of others is the key.

My love to all who read this.

-Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile is a healer, using sound, energy medicine and channeling. She provides private sessions, leads workshops and sings healing concerts. Her CDs of healing chants by Hildegard are 'Unfurling Love's Creation' and 'Meditation Chants'. Norma can be reached at