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by Norma Gentile

How often have you longed for, even yearned for a loving relationship to fill your life? Look around, you already have it. Within yourself is the connection to All That Is, to the very source of all God Beings, and to yourself.

Our nature as human beings is two fold &endash; we encompass both the profane world and the sacred mists of invisible spirit. When we yearn for something that is our connection between these two worlds showing itself.. Our yearning is our hearts calling out to spirit, and spirit responding.

It is actually spirit's response that we feel as the yearning. Only when something is possible can we desire it so completely that spirit responds. Why we don't get what we ask for then? Because we aren't looking at how spirit has responded.

We say we want chocolate cake. What our heart desires is affection. Spirit sends us a new friend. We keep asking the waiter for chocolate cake. We forget to get his phone number.

And so it goes… Spirit always answers us. We simply aren't aware of what our heart is truly asking for in our yearnings.

Money is another prime example. What is it that you desire most? Comfort, security, and leisure time comes up for me. All these things are possible with an abundance of money, at least that is my own belief based on living in the US.

Deeper underneath I find within myself a true yearning for freedom of expression, and the belief that if I am connected into the whole, then I serve the whole. If I am free, and totally freed from the constraints of earning a living, would I still choose to be a part of the whole and serve All That Is?

Can I trust myself to continue to serve spirit even if I have abundant wealth? Or do I serve spirit, (or teach, or write or work at any career) merely out of the fear of not having this connection? Do I stop myself from having what I desire because if I got it then I would have no reason to connect with spirit?

Strangely enough a large number of people are afraid of their own power. Not just in terms of how they manifest it, but in terms of sharing it. There is a belief, which I share, that what we most fear is our own light. In terms of desire, I would phrase it that what we most fear is getting that which would most allow us to be with ourselves completely.

If you had no reason to yearn for physical goods, would you still be connected to spirit? If you had everything you could possible desire in the world, would you remember spirit?

Yes. We are ready to break the old belief that one must yearn and use that yearning to find spirit. Spirit is omnipresent in our world, and speaks to us in the response current, not in the absence of something.

From Atamira:

The moment you yearn for something know that your emotion is the energy of spirit responding to your desire. That which is desire is pure, and unfettered from the world's perception of need or want.

Desire is the moment of pure emotional surrender to spiritual purpose, and to your greater purpose. It is so simple and easy that you miss it. Desire is the alignment of invisible energies, that which we are, passing through bodies, minds and heart.

One might find desire on a mountaintop, in an abbey, or in silent meditation. One may also find desire in a quiet moment with a friend or within nature. The moment of creation is the moment of desire. Sexual ecstasy is a moment of desire,

As you or anyone turns to spirit there is a passion evoked within the heart. This passion turns the key of your heart, and opens your ability to desire. When you desire something you automatically create it with spirit. You don't always recognize that you have created it, but it is yours. Desire more, ask less. Open your eyes, and accept what comes to you, for in some manner you have desired it into your being.

May all who read this be blessed,

Norma Gentile, with Atamira.

Norma Gentile is a recording artist, intuitive healer and channel for Atamira. She meets privately with people for healings, as well as workshops. Her newest CD, Healing Chants, features music and spoken words on the power of women in the Middle East. For more information please see or 734-330-3997 

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