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The role of prophecy is to help us to avoid fulfilling certain destinies. With this in mind, I suggest that children will continue to act out in extremely violent ways, until we as a planet have cleared more of our collective emotional unconsciousness. It is these acts of violence by children, as well as large scale disasters, which force us to examine our own dark sides, and give us reasons to release buried emotions.

Each generation that incarnates on the planet has a series of tasks. Those of us who are among the 'baby boomers' have worked to bring about a new energy consciousness. We were part of opening the door for the Sacred Feminine. Those of the current teenage generation (and even those in their twenties) have excepted the task of breaking open our concepts of polarity consciousness. That is, they are here to teach the rest of us that the concepts of 'good' and 'evil' we each carry are of our own creation.

These children, these perpetrators, are acting out of an agreement made long ago. It is with the deepest love that they play their part in opening up the US, Canada and Europe to qualities of grief and grieving which have not been known since W.W.II. Strange as it may seem, these children are part of a generation which is more spiritual, more connected to All-That-Is than previous generations.

Even these children who perpetuate violence, and perhaps especially these children, know spirit in an intimate way. This connection is profound to the point of their being able to play a role in our unfolding drama which is cast as 'evil'. These children, who are very deeply within spirit, understand that evil is simply another aspect of spirit defining itself.

When we move outside of polarity consciousness, outside of the need to define what is 'good' and what is 'evil', any action simply becomes an interaction with some aspect of All-That-Is. Any action becomes capable of creating both 'good' and 'evil' results. It is our relationship to the action that makes us define it as 'good' or 'evil', 'beneficial' or 'harmful'.

Regardless of the circumstances, those carrying out violent or abhorrent acts may be seen to be playing out a role which is required at this time. Compassion has a way of moving us into a larger, unrestricted viewpoint. This viewpoint then allows love to lead one's vision of a circumstance.

It is with the utmost respect, care and support for all those who are grieving that I propose to hold those children who are walking on the 'dark' side in a state of nonjudgmental love. Each of these beings has chosen his or her road, and is trusted to play out their role. When we step out of polarity consciousness, and into Christ consciousness, we can truly hold each other in such love, regardless of each other's actions.

-Norma Gentile


Norma Gentile is a professional intuitive healer, teacher and singer. She offers private sessions of healing or voice coaching, as well as concerts and workshops of Hildegard's healing chant. Her latest CD is "Unfurling Love's Creation". She can be reached at her website: