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2/8/02 posted

in All Things


by Norma Gentile

Humor, a smile, or meeting another's eyes reinforce our knowing of our own inner spirit. Extended bouts of worry or anger hide our natural connection with spirit.

How we relate to people can help us build our own spiritual connections. Spirit, God or All-That-Is never leaves us. It is we who choose to turn away. How wonderful it is to be shown in our relationships with others that how we relate to them, and to Spirit, is up to us.

I am reminded of this when I am out running errands. Almost every time I am in my local natural foods store (and most often in a hurry) someone catches my eye and comes up to talk with me. What a nice reminder it is that we are linked, and that life isn't about getting it all done before the calendar bequeaths to us another day.

I recall once considering having personal time as well as intimacy with others as being two measures of abundance. Beyond the financial aspect, I recognize that I nurture myself by being with others, as well as alone. To the extent that my heart is open and loves what I do, I am living in my abundance. As I do that, what I have to offer is naturally available and visible to others.

While sharing a healing recently I had a fundamental 'ah!' around this. I realized that in all ways I was leading my life based on the idea that in order to achieve I had to be striving towards completing a goal. The goal I had set for myself was to always fill in whatever need I had. In this way, I was basing my life on moving always towards a level of need. My time, attention and energy were focused on the finish line &endash; need.

Suddenly, I understood why whenever I had extra time, money or energy some small accident or diversion would arise. Because if I had more than I needed of anything, I would automatically create a greater level of need in order to motivate myself to move forward. As a protection then I would self-sabotage my abundance.

In those times where I remained in abundance, major shifts in my life occurred. But with each shift came an uphill struggle to then meet a new and greater level of need, which I unconsciously created as a new goal.

The golden spiritual principle then was that I wasn't creating my life based on being in abundance. I was creating my life based on moving towards fulfilling my needs. My motivating factor wasn't to live in the abundance of intimacy, time and energy, but to move towards creating more of these things while giving my attention to my need.

Do you believe that you live in abundance or need? When you speak of your day's events to your best friend, do you lead off with the things that are lacking, or by listing those people and occurrences for which you give thanks?

Before my 'ah-wakening' I found myself listing all that I lacked in numerous conversations. Once I even did it during meditating. I caught myself, as it didn't take long for my energy to pass through the thoughts of lack and so be redefined. As that happened, I became more and more aware of my lack, and less aware of the availability of spiritual connection. I also found my body began to ache!

Again I was reminded of what I have shared with others: What you give your attention to grows…

In my daily life I find that focusing on any thought or emotion creates an equivalent energy in my energy field and body. This can even draw events to me which keep my mind and emotions generating more of this same energy. A day that starts out with confusion will tend to have the impetus to continue on the same way, unless I stop and recognize my part in perpetuating it.

When I become conscious of my own participation in creating a situation and causing my own discomfort, I then have the power to change that situation. When I am in a hurry and someone says 'hello' from their heart I am reminded of the spiritual connection that I may have put on the back burner in order to complete my to-do list more quickly. When I met a friend's eyes and soul, my body and emotions enjoy the chance to reconnect with spirit. And once they are reconnected my mind will usually relax and come along on the ride too!

I invite all of us to remember spirit by seeing it in another's eyes, heart, and hugs. Many blessings on all of you who bring spirit into every moment, everywhere.


-Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile is an intuitive healer, professional singer, and teacher. Her recordings include "Meditation Chants of Hildegard von Bingen". She teaches others how to magnify their own intuitive and healing skills with energy, sound and movement. She can be reached at or 734-330-3997.

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