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excerpted from
The Sedona Journal of Emergence
Predictions 2003


Love, Compassion, and Desire:
Choosing a new reality

(Atamira and Amano on the coming events of 2003)

by Norma Gentile

from Amano-

The fall equinox of this past year, 2002, was actually an extension of the summer solstice energies. The possibility energies of the June solstice were stretched into the moment of the fall equinox as a manner of gibing humanity additional opportunities to choose again.

As a result you lived in the fall in a myriad number of possibilities simultaneously. Did you notice it difficult to make decisions? That was because you were living equally among these different realities. In one reality it was night, in the other it was day. Decision making with the limitations of your physical brain were simply not possible.

As a result of this experience, those of you who are more conscious received an advance learning opportunity concerning multidimensionality and simultaneous realities. Living as if spirit were truly the only voice to follow, the only impulse to honor, became natural to you. This occurs once the usefulness of the physical brain is diminished. Living in simultaneous realities gave you this experience of having to turn to spirit, and of releasing your dependence on the physical mind and its created mental plane.

We spoke last year of the release and clearing of souls and portions of souls out of the mental plane that surrounds the planet earth as a result of the activity you refer to as 9/11. Now this clearing is taking an effect. When you think, this shared mental plane offers you access to the thoughts of others. The quality of your thoughts is now changed by the clarity of the field. Realizations of your behavior are coming more quickly. Your abilities to perceive what is true and what is a falsehood are keener. All this will continue to heighten as you move toward the completion of this earth's cycle. Your choices will bring this about as early as 2004, or as later as 2036.

from Atamira-

What is it that you truly desire? You see what we have written above.

What is it that you love? Power, money, or another's heart?

Here is your choice. You choose power, and you choose power over another or you choose the victim state for yourself. This is not a creator's state. Anger dances with this sort of power imbalance.

You choose money and you choose power again, however you choose an even lower level of power &endash; one of being subservient to the artificiality of the created world. .

You choose love, at the level of understanding prevalent in the world, and you experience enmeshment, which is a type of victim hood again.

You choose compassion, and with that you choose the ability to act.

Strange isn't it, that in choosing the least active form of love you actually are choosing the most powerful and active energy in the universe?

Do notice that compassion was not one of the original choices offered. So too the various realities you are living in this fall (2002) eventually become clearly not any that you would choose. It is your heart which then sees beyond, and chooses from outside of the given realities.


from Amano-

This spring will see many points and moments of decision. What those decisions will be is largely to be determined over the winter 2002 solstice and into early March of 2003. The manner in which you treat each other in small moments will create for your planet the underpinning of energies for the spring.

from Atamira-

Love isn't passive. Compassion need not be something reserved merely for moments of spiritual revelry.

As you allow yourself to experience each person as a compassionate and malleable living being you experience this in yourself. As you offer compassion and tenderness to another you offer forgiveness to yourself.

from Atamira and Amano-

As you allow yourself to see the life in another's eyes, especially during this window of December 2002- March 2003, you allow that light of spirit to be more and more present. As spirit is drawn through all of us, it is present in the moments of the spring.

We speak to you of the spring 2003 as if something were to happen. And indeed, that is where we would direct your attention. The multiple realties you are living in now will resolve into a single reality in the spring of 2003. Which reality you choose will be largely determined by your actions, thoughts, and emotional interactions December 2002 to March 2003.

This single reality need not come from the set of realities that you are living with now. Here is the magic! There are choices beyond your current vision that you can notice. Your ability to see or comprehend that these possibilities exist depend on your abilities as a race to understand love.

The little things, the small connections with others, will serve as the basis for this new expression of love into the earth. Daily, continual expression of this loving nature, not one of enmeshment or clinging, but one of strength and compassion, sows the seeds for this coming summer.

In education, in health, and in relationships this new expression of love will emerge. You will see it in the newspapers as people gather in groups and work as a unit expressing respect for one another's talents and strengths. Stories and even the overall folklore of your country (USA) will shift to highlight the success and joy of sharing with others, rather than the 'going it alone' attitude so prevalent up until now.

There are two realities from which you will choose this spring. We would suggest that you focus on what it is that your own heart wants, putting aside the choices that you know you have, and allowing the one single choice that you truly long for to enter. In doing this, you will first dare to dream your true desire. In that daring is your freedom and upliftment to the next level of consciousness. In the dreaming is the act of being a creative spirit, or expressing All That Is through your physical form.

What greater gift can spirit receive, than to see itself reflected back in its own creation? For when you create from your dreams, your desires, and your heart, you are creating as one with spirit. This is the only true gift that spirit, God, All That Is, desires to receive.

Love one another, in compassion, in respect. That is all we ask of you.

Our love, boundless and tenderly offered, is shared with all who read this.
-Atamira and Amano, through Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile is an intuitive healer, professional singer, and teacher. Her recordings include "Meditation Chants of Hildegard von Bingen". She teaches others how to magnify their own intuitive and healing skills with energy, sound and movement. She can be reached at or 734-330-3997.

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